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White Digital Piano - Aesthetes' Choice

tool : White Digital Piano - Aesthetes' Choice

The white digital piano is not just a choice of musicians, but aesthetes who value in the instrument, in addition to brilliant sound qualities, also excellent external aesthetic characteristics.

As a rule, the instrument of the “White” shade is an element of the decor of minimalism in itself. And its body does not need additional decoration. Stylishly compact, it not only with extraordinary lightness and harmony stands in the interiors from classical to modern, but also friendly to the environment surrounding it.

But all this is only an external gloss. Yes, beautiful, yes, sometimes even luxurious. But whatever one may say, choosing a digital piano according to the color of the case, do not forget about its real purpose, and therefore you should pay the required attention to the choice of musical characteristics. The characteristics, however, are always the same - sound, keyboard and additional features.

Digital white piano Casio Celviano AP-400

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  • What criteria to choose
    • Models of white digital pianos of different brands
    • Does the white digital piano require special care?> By what criteria should I choose

      For the best sound, choose a wooden, not a plastic instrument body, only a weighted 88-key keyboard with sensitivity levels (this option is available in almost all models), but find out the possibilities and functions in stores.

      It is better if the sound of the instrument is based on the super modern SuperNATURAL Piano technology, which harmoniously combines the sound responsiveness to a key press, the naturalness of the attenuation and the change of timbre from note to note. And the sound will be extracted with the participation of a hammer keyboard such as Ivory Feel-G, which gives excellent tactile sensations and creates the absolute impression of playing music on a luxurious concert piano.

      Models of white digital pianos of different brands

      • Yamaha P-105 WH - beautiful, elegant and, in general, not bad in sound and features. It costs around 40 thousand rubles
      • Kawai ES-100W - a full-sized keyboard with 4 types of sensitivity, polyphony 192 notes and the presence of many functions. 38-39 thousand rubles.
      • Kawai CL-26 W is a good instrument, but its polyphony is 96 notes. The sound is pretty decent.
      • Korg TINYPIANO WH is also a white version, but it is most likely an expensive toy for a child, rather than a learning tool. Not recommended as a tool for homework. Poke your fingers into the keys and learn how to play “Two funny geese” - that’s it, but no more.
      • Korg SP170S WH - not bad, but below average at a relatively high price. It is rather a very good synthesizer, but not a piano, despite the fact that it is called the "digital piano". For 36 thousand you can find a better option.
      • Casio PRIVIA PX-860 is also a white model. A very good instrument and meets all the requirements of a professional pianist.
      Korg SP-170 White Digital Piano

      In a word, almost any brand of any line has white digital pianos. White is so white, but you should not discount the more important characteristics.

      Whether the white digital piano requires special care> dust and wool is not good for any instrument, and white is even less so.

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