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102 keys of the fantastic piano Stuart & Sons

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The pianist Gerard Williams called it “The Great New Monster”, fortunately adding: “playing is just heavenly bliss.”

“This is a sculpture! - says the director of the Newcastle Art Gallery, - this is a sculpture that produces a fantastic sound. If the right person controls it ”

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Stuart & Sons Innovative Grand Piano (Stuart and Sons)

This is the most innovative of all existing grand pianos. It was invented by the piano manufacturer Wayne Stewart, having spent 2 years creating a handmade instrument that is 1.75 meters wide and 2.9 meters long in order to fit 102 keys. He increased the range of the piano by adding 9 keys in the subcontract, which starts from the note “to”, and 5 keys of the fifth octave, which ends with the note “fa”.

The piano range has been increased by adding 9 keys in the subcontract and 5 keys of the fifth octave

We are used to that most pianos have 88 keys. And the main part of the compositions comes from the center and rarely comes to the ringing keys of the upper register or the roar of the lower one. But the master from Newcastle believes that the tool should provide space for growth. And he wants to move the piano from a smug middle age.

The Big New Monster by Stuart & Sons

Playing on additional keys may seem more like an acrobatic rather than a musical study, but Stuart is sure that a huge amount of energy is hidden in them, and you can hear power in a low octave. Power also increases in the part of the work where the lowest notes are not played. The pianists who played these instruments noted the difference, however, it happens not only due to the increase in size. The design itself allows the strings to vibrate independently, and each note sings clearly and separately.

Wayne Stewart is thrilled with his creation. According to him, a similar refinement of the classical instrument added to him the power of sound:

“I would not be able to sit down at the usual piano again. He seems terrible to me. Too few opportunities. "

Further life of the piano with 102 keys

But the unique sound is not enough - we need composers who will use this new potential. And already there are, for example, Fiona Joy Hawkins, an Australian pianist, composer who not only regularly performs at the Stewart piano, but also writes works, focusing on its sound.

Piano design allows the strings to vibrate independently

Wayne Stewart also pays a lot of attention to the appearance of the instrument - giving the customer a choice of wood, abandoning the classic black varnish. And in the end, each of the 6 already produced pianos has a unique look, and some are made of unique materials. So, the piano standing in the Art Gallery is decorated with veneer from the Tasmanian pine.

The new tool has already generated a lot of controversy, some admire its capabilities, others compare it with the tools of Steinway or Bosendorfer, where they prefer the latter. In any case, it’s too early to talk about the competitiveness of this tool. In total, at the beginning of 2015, 11 similar grand pianos were ordered for production. Their cost depends on the choice of veneer and ranges from $ 150, 000 to $ 300, 000.

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