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Lady Perfection

children : Lady Perfection

Song "Lady Perfection"

from the movie Mary Poppins, Goodbye!

Music by M. Dunaevsky

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Who from studs to pins,
Who from shoes to hats
Elegance itself
I'm crazy about me
And quite respectable
Gentleman gray-haired
And the boy is pockmarked
And when easy and simple
I go to the intersection
One hundred buses in a row
Stand still
And cars are buzzing -
Beauty salute.
Lady, what's your name "> Chorus:

Mary, Lady Mary.
Mary, Lady Mary
You are perfect
You are perfection itself
From smile to gestures
Beyond praise
Oh what bliss
Oh what bliss
To know that I am perfect
To know that I am ideal.
Mary, Lady Mary
Mary, Lady Mary - Mary!

Who are sore throats and colds
Heals better than potions
And easy without any fancy
Better than any doctors
Saves all people
Summer and winter
Just a smile alone

Children can grow older
Only I will not grow old
And again and again
They will all remember
And dream of a meeting
May the years pass
Never forget.

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Lady Perfection - video

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