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Piano Roland: from 1972 to today

brands : Piano Roland: from 1972 to today

According to Roland Corporation, the main purpose of their products is to replace the classical, acoustic piano, whether at home, in a restaurant or in a club. Pretty modest considering the quality of the Roland piano: the modern SuperNATURAL Piano technology allows the timbre to meet the highest standards.

The founder of the world famous brand of musical instruments was Japanese Ikutaru Kakehashi. The official birth of Roland Corporation took place on April 18, 1972. However, before starting his own company, Ikutaru went a long way from the usual watchmaking to the head of a large corporation.

Having no education (Ikutar failed to enter the university due to circumstances), at the dawn of his career, Kakehashi founded a watch repair shop and other electronics - Kakehashi Musen. He later renamed it Ace Electrical Company and switched his activities to the musical direction.

Interesting fact: Kakehashi happened to become a business partner for such famous people in music as Tokkasu Yamaha, Hammond and Matias Honner, who also came to the music business from the watch industry. The result of many years of work and perseverance Ikutaru was the rhythm machine TR-77, which was later ordered by Hammond for his organs. This was the beginning of the production of many great Roland tools.

Now the Roland range of digital pianos is a fairly extensive lineup that includes instruments of diverse functionality and budget. We will conditionally divide the series into several most popular categories, in each of which we will single out several models that are the most prominent representatives.

So, in the lower price range (up to $ 1, 500) are simple floor-standing digital instruments such as the Roland RD-300SX / GX and Roland FP-4. These are simple tools with a minimum of functionality, the main advantage of which is their compactness. They have fairly simple keyboard mechanics, compared to full-size digital models.

Piano Roland RD-300GX

Full-size mid-range pianos range in price from $ 1800 to $ 2500. These instruments are most optimal in terms of price / quality ratio, and are also closest in sound to acoustic counterparts. This category includes the piano Roland HP 103, Roland HP-201, Roland HP-302 and Roland HP-305.

Piano Roland HP 103

High-end table pianos can be bought for prices ranging from $ 2000 to $ 4000. Such pianos, in addition to standard functions, include a whole bank of melodies, effects and sounds, so they are often used for home studios. Bright representatives are the Roland RD-700SX / GX, as well as the Roland V-PIANO.

Piano Roland RD-700SX

The full-size upscale piano includes the Roland LX-10, Roland HP-207 and Roland HP-307 models. Their cost starts at $ 3000, but the price justifies itself. Instruments of the highest category have a rich sound, and they look very solid. For beginners, it is not advisable to buy such a piano, however, from the point of view of playing complex musical works, these instruments are an ideal replacement for an acoustic piano.

Piano Roland HP-307

How the Roland HP-307 piano sounds, you can appreciate by watching this video clip:

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