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Ballad about Matrosov (WWII songs)

notes : Ballad about Matrosov (WWII songs)

Sheet music for Ballad of the Sailor

from the collection “Songs of the Great Patriotic War”

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The winter wind whistled on the slopes
We lay in a chain of fire;
With us was the Komsomol member Sailors -
Friend, comrade soldier ordinary.

Our experienced commander is pale:
Surely we won’t pass here "> Do not climb into the fire of a machine gun,
But the Sailors rushed forward.
Straight to the Black Enemy DotA
Friend, comrade creeps fearlessly.

Enemy bullets whistle on the slopes
They are full of fierce spite for the hero,
But suddenly, without flinching, Sailors
Rose by the concrete wall.

And rushing to attack after another,
At that moment friends heard
That lead ended in a blizzard,
The fire stopped the stream.

It is the thrill of a living heart
Our Sailors closed the machine gun ...
Never his private
The Soviet people will not forget!

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