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June 22 (WWII songs)

notes : June 22 (WWII songs)

Sheet music for the composition “June 22”

from the collection “Songs of the Great Patriotic War”

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June twenty second
At exactly four o’clock
Kiev was bombed, they announced to us
That the war began.

Peacetime is over
It's time for us to leave.
I'm leaving and promise
Be faithful to you forever.

And you look.
Feel my joke.
Come out, friend, to the friend’s train,
Take a friend to the front.

Wagon wheels of a car
The train rushes with an arrow.
You to me - from the platform, I - from the train
We sadly wave our hand.

Years will pass
And again I will see you.
You smile, squeeze your heart
Kiss me again.

Modest blue handkerchief
Fell from his lowered shoulders
You saw off, but promised
Save the blue handkerchief.

Download sheet music June 22

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