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Musical Comet Yuri Smirnov

personalities : Musical Comet Yuri Smirnov
Yuri Smirnov always sought to consider each piece of music from his own angle of view, to bring his creative personality to life

Some musicians can be called stars in the musical horizon. They suddenly light up and burn long and brightly, illuminating the space, bewitching with its flicker.

Yuri Smirnov will be appropriate to compare not with a star, but with a comet. His name sounded loudly in 1974, at the International Villa Lobos Competition in Rio de Janeiro. Then a talented young man, a student at the Moscow Conservatory, won the hearts of his listeners with his technical and expressive performance of the Fifth Concert for Piano and Orchestra of Villa Lobos. The jury, impressed by the play of the young man, awarded him the first prize.

Since then, almost no one has heard of a promising pianist. In the music world, such paradoxes sometimes occur.

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Years of study

Yuri Smirnov never pursued fame, success, musical career. He was always primarily concerned with music itself, its beauty, depth and harmony.

At the Moscow State Conservatory, Smirnov first studied with L.N. Oborin, then went to class with B.Ya. Zemlyansky. Yuri Smirnov held an assistant internship with E.V. Malinin. The work of three teachers has borne fruit. During his studies, the young man had the opportunity to adopt the best from several teachers at once, get a great musical, cultural and intellectual experience, learn a lot through communication with prominent musicians and teachers.

Piano career

Scriabin's piano sonatas are a pearl in the repertoire of Yuri Smirnov

The repertoire of Yuri Smirnov consists of works of different styles and eras. In the process of accumulating performing experience, he expands the boundaries of his repertoire, mastering new works, discovering new facets in classical music and in himself. He seeks in his own way to approach the performance of each piece, to take a fresh look at all known music.

Especially successful in the performance of Yuri Smirnov can be considered romantic works. At his concerts, he often plays the sonatas of Liszt and Scriabin, works by Schumann. This music, being creatively comprehended by Smirnov, acquires in its performance an extraordinary depth and brightness of colors. Smirnov also plays the music of Chopin, many Beethoven and Prokofiev sonatas. The pianist also performs with the orchestra, delighting the audience with Tchaikovsky's music.

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