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After buying the piano, you need to make sure that it is convenient for us to spend time sitting at this instrument. So that the posture does not deteriorate, especially if a child is sitting at the instrument. To achieve this goal, we just need to choose the right banquet for the piano.

Now there are at least 10 types of pianist chairs on sale. So:

1) Adjustable pianist bench;

2) A round pianist chair with a rotation mechanism;

3) Just a chair for the pianist;

4) Rectangular piano bench with four legs;

5) Exclusive wooden chairs for pianists;

6) Folding chair for the pianist;

7) A bench with two legs of a rectangular shape or a bench with two legs having height adjustment;

Bench for piano with a box for storing notes. The height is adjusted using the mechanism located on the legs;

9) Stool for the pianist;

10) Folding chairs for the pianist.

As you can see, chairs for pianists come in various shapes, with different mechanisms. Some are round and have a rotation mechanism. Others are rectangular in shape on two or four legs. In some, the height adjustment mechanism is carried out by twisting the handles on the seat, and in others - on the legs of the chairs. There is no mechanism for adjusting the height, but to these, as a rule, a second seat is attached a little higher than the first.

Which of the chairs is best suited for the pianist "> If the chair is needed only for an adult, then it is better to take a massive and durable banquet for the piano. It will look very impressive and solid. Now in many music schools you can find such banquets, but they have one serious If pianists often change, especially if after an adult they have to sit on a banquet for a child, then such a chair should be tightened up.

With these types of chairs, this is not so easy to do. Therefore, in this case, a round piano chair with a convenient screw height adjustment mechanism is recommended. This type of chair can be easily and quickly raised and lowered. And to make the pianist comfortable sitting, it is better that the top of the chair has a soft coating.

Which chairs are more expensive and which are cheaper? The price of a piano banquet starts from an amount of 1, 500 rubles, but it is better not to save and buy a more comfortable and stable one. This price will be about 3000 rubles. A round chair or a bench with a drawer for notes will cost about the same 3000 rubles. The most expensive option is a double bench, prices for which start at 9, 000 rubles.

And finally, having correctly selected a chair for your requirements, you need to learn how to sit on it correctly. To do this, remember a few simple rules:

1. Sitting correctly means that your back is in a straight position, you are sitting on the edge of the chair, and your hands are above the piano keys, while your elbows are slightly bent, but you are absolutely comfortable.

2. Feet should always be firmly on the floor near the instrument pedals or on a special stand.

3. In no case should the chair stagger, while the legs, depending on the height of the pianist, should be at right angles.

In this video you can see only a small part of the variety of piano banquets.

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