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Piano Kuzbass: a bit of history ...

brands : Piano Kuzbass: a bit of history ...

The piano of Kuzbass, like Oda and Toccata, can also be attributed to the Soviet generation of keyboard musical instruments. Numerous factories were engaged in the production of Kuzbass in the USSR, of which only three remained now: Becker in St. Petersburg, Lira in Moscow and Muzremont in Kemerovo (in fact, the former Kuzbass plant).

Piano Kuzbass

Kuzbass began its activity in the production of tools in the distant 1956. So, in the first half of 1957, the factory released 60 pianos, and a year later - 700! Since then, for forty years, this factory has produced more than 200 pianos a month and has significantly supported the provision of musical instruments for the country.

To maintain production at the proper level, the factory specialists adopted the experience of leading manufacturers in Moscow and Leningrad. Then the plant’s capacities were loaded to capacity, the plan was sometimes exceeded by 200-300%! In 1972, the factory began producing small-sized Oda instruments, some of which still serve reliably in families and music schools.

Piano Oda

However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plant fell into debt, and production ceased to be profitable. Those pianos that have remained in music schools since then have long been worn out. Active crowding out of domestic instruments by foreign manufacturers is observed.

Now the Muzremont factory is engaged, for the most part, in the repair of its own pianos, which were only released several decades ago. The fact is that the cost of a new piano is high, and music schools cannot afford such a purchase. We have to repair and configure what is already there.

At the factory, there were still real masters of their craft, because this work requires great skill. The most dangerous and, unfortunately, common breakdown is the so-called “breakdown”. In this case, the piano is overhauled. To make it sound like new again, sometimes you have to check up to ten thousand details!

Curious: the factory, in order to stay afloat, is now also engaged in the manufacture of furniture, and also collects pianos from unsuitable, old instruments. By the way, there is such a piano, which gave a second life, almost ten times cheaper than new.

And to everyone who is lyrically tuned today, we advise you to listen to the popular T9 song “Ode to Our Love” on the piano!

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