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The piano of the Zarya brand was produced at the Zarya factory of the same name, located near Moscow. The commissioning of this factory, as well as 18 others, fell on 1955. Also this year, the Lira factory existing to this day was commissioned. An interesting fact is that the mechanisms for the piano were supplied by the factories of Leningrad, Chernigov and Borisov.

The lineup of the Zarya piano was developed on the basis of the Nocturne lineup and began to be produced around the 70s. We can say about the piano itself that it is more modern than Red October or Belarus, and has much smaller dimensions compared to it. The weight of the piano per 100 kg decreased, as well as the height decreased - only 1.2 meters. The width of the dawn is about 1.5 meters. Since this model is an earlier release, it is quite possible to find a copy in good working condition.

It is almost impossible to find a fully working copy of this rarity, therefore, you don’t need to console yourself with thoughts about a small investment when you buy it, because with a probability of 99% it will need to be set up. And the services of a good tuner are not so cheap. Plus, there’s still a good tuner to look for. Without the services of a tuner, the cost of the Zarya piano starts at 3, 000 rubles or more. But still, if this did not scare you, and you want to buy a rare instrument of the Zarya brand as a gift or for yourself, you will come to the aid of several tips from experts.

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Tip one.

Do not rush to purchase. Before you finally decide whether the tool suits you or not, you need to ride and see at least 3-5 sentences. This is necessary in order to have something to compare and what to equal. Having trained your eye in this way, if you fall into the piano in good condition, you will immediately notice it.

Tip two.

The tool should be well maintained. The meaning of this is that by the appearance of the instrument, we can conclude about the nature of handling it: the surface of the piano should be without any signs of pans and flower pots on the case. It is also important to pay attention to mechanics: blackened and dusty mechanics are not a very good sign. Picks should not be rusty.

Tip three.

You need to check the sound of all keys, including black ones. To do this, press the keys one by one, and check the sound after each press: it should sound only in one tone. Even if the instrument is upset, then this pattern should be maintained. If the keys sound in several tones at the same time, it is better not to buy such an instrument.

Tip Four.

The bass of the instrument should not sound very muffled against the background of other sounds.

Tip Five.

When you realize that you have found a good tool, show it to the tuner. Only after he once again inspects the musical instrument and confirms your guesses, you can buy a piano.

Lastly, I would like to dispel the myth that the allegedly piano, which had not been played for a long time, loses most of its musical qualities irretrievably. Yes, qualities are lost, but not forever. After tuning and adjusting the mechanics, as well as a number of other restoration work, after some time (maximum six months) the piano regains its former sound. It is hard to believe, but in view of the fact that the instrument has not been operated, its resource will be much larger than that of the instrument that was constantly played.

And finally, it should be remembered that, both when choosing a piano of the Zarya brand and when choosing other pianos and grand pianos, a younger instrument should be preferred. The reason is that this type of tool has a short life, and it is the year of manufacture that is the main determining factor.

How the well-groomed piano “Dawn” sounds, you can watch the video.

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