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German Piano Brands: Rönisch (Part II)

brands : German Piano Brands: Rönisch (Part II)

Currently, the German company Rönisch produces several piano models, namely: Rönisch 115, Rönisch 118, Rönisch 123 and Rönisch 132. Each model, in turn, has a few more modifications. In addition, the Rönisch company produces several design models (Classic, Black Fashion, Elegance, Blue Rhapsody, Avantgarde, Blue Mood, Lightness, Countryside).

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  • Piano "Rönisch 115"
  • Rönisch 118
  • Rönisch 123
  • Rönisch 132
  • Rönisch Design Models

Piano "Rönisch 115"

Characteristics : height - 115 cm, width - 149 cm, depth - 58.8 cm, weight - 198 kg.

This model is characterized by a strict classic style and amazing sound depth with a range of 7 1/4 octaves. The Rönisch 115 is a small-sized studio instrument. It is perfectly combined with both small rooms and the acoustics of living rooms. The design is strict and elegant.

The company "Roenish" produces 3 modifications of this model (M, S, K). The Ronisch 115 S is slightly different from other models, primarily in that it has only two pedals (in the other two three), plus it is equipped with two key locks (one locks the keyboard and the other is mounted on the top cover).

Ronisch 115 piano prices are largely dependent on the material the instrument is made of, as well as whether it is matted or polished. So, for example, a piano “Rönisch 115 K” made from alder veneer matted will cost about 298, 300 rubles (the cheapest piano of this model).

Rönisch 115 M polished cherry veneer costs approximately 358, 500 (the most expensive piano of this model).

Rönisch 118

Characteristics : height - 118 cm, width - 149 cm, depth - 59.2 cm, weight - 205 kg.

Sleek design and sophisticated elegance is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at the piano “Rönisch 118”. In addition, it has a great tone and sensitive keys. A distinctive feature of this model is the variety of styles of instrument finishes (from selected wood and rare veneers to exotic woods). There are six modifications of the Rönisch 118 (K, KI, CH, KD, KDW, KR).

The price of instruments of this brand, depending on the materials used in the manufacture of the piano, as well as the availability of polishing, will range from about 320, 000 to 384, 000 rubles.

Rönisch 123

Characteristics : height - 123 cm, width - 152 cm, depth - 59.4 cm, weight - 223 kg.

Significant differences of this instrument are that it has an increased resonance deck and elongated strings. Thanks to this, the piano “Rönisch 123” has a wider dynamic range, as well as a thin sensitivity of the keys.

In addition, professionals note the exceptional clarity of tone and the impressive sound density of the Rönisch 123 piano. All this is perfectly suited to pianists who improve their playing technique.

The piano of this model has the largest number of modifications that the Roenish company can afford. This means that the piano “Rönisch” of model 123 is distinguished by the greatest number of types of finishes, so everyone can choose their own piano design to their taste.

It should be noted that all pianos of this model have three pedals, and are also equipped with a lock on the keyboard cover (except for the KT modification).

By the way, if you need to transport the piano, this article will be useful to you.

There are eight modifications of the Rönisch 123, which you can see in the picture:

The price of the cheapest modification of the “Rönisch 123” is about 355, 000 rubles (“Ronisch 123 KS”), and the most expensive one costs about 437, 500 rubles (“Ronisch 123 KSI”).

The piano “Rönisch 123 KSI” is the most interesting model of this brand, because it differs by its amazing beauty and grace (polished case with inlaid from yew or burl nut). The sound quality of this piano is not inferior to the external. The Rönisch 123 KSI model has excellent acoustic performance and an impressive - rich and warm - sound. This, in turn, is achieved through the fast and responsive motorism of the piano mechanism.

Rönisch 132

Characteristics : height - 132 cm, width - 152 cm, depth - 63.1 cm, weight - 235 kg.

The piano of the Rönisch 132 model is the most expensive instrument of this brand. The average price for an instrument is approximately 456, 000 rubles. This is due to the design features of the Rönisch 132. Here is what the experts write about this piano: “A frame frame the size of a fortress, long strings like a piano, a huge resonant soundboard, a piano-type keyboard. The engineers and designers of the Rönisch factory were able to translate all these advantages, which are unique to pianos, into their highest piano model! ”

“Rönisch 132” is also distinguished by sound qualities, deep powerful bass and crystal clear treble, which will achieve unprecedented results in musical variations and nuances.

Since the instrument is expensive and oriented to pianists “with money”, it has a minimum of modifications: these are “Rönisch 132 K” and “Rönisch 132 KM”.

Rönisch Design Models

The piano company "Rönisch" in addition to its main models also produces designer ones. Currently, there are eight designer piano models. These models, like all instruments manufactured under the Rönisch trademark, have excellent sound characteristics, but the main thing in them is their unique appearance. The developers successfully combined ancient traditions, advanced technologies and innovative combinations of color, texture and form in these tools.

As the manufacturers themselves say: “The pianos of this series are designed for dynamic modern interiors, they will certainly appeal to the discerning customer who appreciates quality, style and their own image.”

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