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Sheet music of the song “I was driving home”
Music and lyrics by M. Poiret

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I was driving home, my soul was full
Unclear to herself, some new happiness.
It seemed to me that everyone with such a fate,
They looked at me so kindly.

I was driving home ... Two-horned moon
I looked out the windows of a boring carriage.
The distant gospel of the morning call
He sang in the air like a tender string ...

Throwing a pink veil
The beautiful dawn woke up lazily
And the swallow, seeking somewhere in the distance,
In the clear air bathed.

I was driving home, I was thinking about you
My anxious thought was confused and torn.
My sweet nap touched my eyes.
Oh, if I had never woken up again ...

Download sheet music of the song “I drove home” PDF

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