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In the Soviet Union was very common piano, released under the brand name "Red October". In this article, you will find out what kind of tool it is and what its origin is.

Red October is a piano brand that was produced in pre-revolutionary times at the Becker factory. The founder of the factory was the German Jacob Becker, in whose honor the factory was named. The tool was originally of very good quality and quickly gained popularity. The Becker pianos at world and national exhibitions in those days received many top honors.

The instrument with the Becker brand could be seen even in the St. Petersburg and Moscow Conservatoires, as the company was the secret name of the court supplier of tools not only for all Russian princes, but also for the emperors of Russia and Austria. Such pianists as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Anton Rubinstein, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov spoke very well about the pianos of this company.

There is evidence that even Emperor Nicholas II purchased such a piano for Alexandra Fedorovna, and the well-known philanthropist of that time, Mitrofan Belyaev, presented the instrument to Alexander Scriabin, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory. What happened then, after the revolution "> After some deliberation, the following factories were chosen to implement this plan: the Diderichs Brothers, Schroeder, Renish, Ratke, Mühlbach, Offenbacher, and, of course, Becker. The Becker factory formed the basis of the production, mechanics for pianos were made on it. The first models produced at the factory and named in honor of the decade of the revolution, Red October, saw the world in 1927. Their quality left much to be desired. that employees lacked neither experience nor knowledge to create a quality tool.

This problem was solved thanks to Germany, because Germany is considered the birthplace of piano building. Success did not last long. The outbreak of World War II made adjustments. The plant began to produce boxes for shells and cases for portable receivers, the production of which was established at the neighboring Kozinsky plant.

At the end of the war, full-scale production was resumed in 1947, and in 1950 it showed a new level of quality. About the instrument under the brand name "Red October" started talking in Europe. In 1958, the conquest of the Grand Prix instrument at the World Industrial Exhibition became a sensation.

The first problems at the factory began in 1986, but the factory continued to work, there were attempts to establish an independent distribution channel to the West. The factory was returned to its old name “Jacob Becker”, but all the efforts of its management to establish the old production failed. The history of the factory ended in 1996, it was then that it was declared bankrupt, and it was transferred to external management. The former glory has been forgotten, and the piano under the J. Becker brand is today produced in Germany.

The results are disappointing. Today you can find a ton of announcements, both on the Internet and in newspapers, about the sale of the Red October piano, and, in most cases, they give it away for free, they ask you to pay only for the export. But you should not rejoice, because if this is a copy of pre-revolutionary production, then the parts are very worn out, and the piano became unusable for its intended purpose. Well, the quality of the pianos released after the revolution was initially not the best. You will be extremely lucky if you can find a copy of the piano of the brand "Red October" in good condition.

How does the old piano Red October sound, you can watch the video.

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