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Piano Dimensions and Weight

personalities : Piano Dimensions and Weight

Choosing a piano, we focus not only on qualitative characteristics, but also, so to speak, on quantitative ones. However, the dimensions, weight of the piano and its dimensions are able to influence not only the method of transportation, but also the nature of sound production, sound volume.

So, the larger the surface of the resonant deck, the larger the surface is reflective. A small piano has a lower sound volume than, for example, a concert grand piano. However, when choosing a piano, pay attention to the quality of the soundboard. Sometimes even a small but high-quality instrument may sound better and louder than a large piano.

The sound mechanism is also affected by the game mechanism, which is also directly dependent on the dimensions of the instrument. Large pianos are favorably distinguished by the fact that the leverage ratio of the levers is optimally arranged, which contributes to a more clear and accurate sound extraction.

It should be noted that the volume of sound also depends on the installation location, the environment in the room in which you want to place the piano. For example, a textile material that is known to absorb resonance can affect acoustics.

In general, you can divide the piano by type, depending on size.

The first on the list is a large concert grand piano. This is a VIP guest at high-class events, the depth of sound is amazing ... and the size, too. Transportation of such pianos is a very complex process, which often costs almost more than renting it. This usually requires up to seven professional loaders. The weight of the piano is 450-500 kg, the size reaches 1.8 meters in length and about 1.4 - in height.

The White Salon Piano is second in the list of heavyweights. Transportation of such a piano requires partial disassembly. Such a piano weighs up to 350 kg, when assembled, its dimensions range from 1.3 to 1.4 meters in height.

The next weight category is a small cabinet piano. Compared with the previous ones, it is much smaller. With a weight of 200-250 kg, its height is only 1.2 meters. Such a piano must be transported using a special piano stretcher.

A home piano or an ordinary upright piano is taller than a room piano — about 1.35 meters high. Typically, a home piano weighs up to 350 kg. In multi-storey buildings, such a piano goes down the stairs with straps.

You can read more about how to properly transport the piano here, or you can just watch the video on the topic.

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