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How much is a new piano

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Recently, more and more people are interested in the question: “How much does the piano cost today”> It's no secret that a concert grand piano (we are talking about full-sized musical instruments that are installed in large halls) will come out at a price significantly more expensive than a new apartment. For example, the recommended cost of the Czech concert Petrof, which is well known to all Russian musicians since the time of the full existence of CMEA, is about 90 thousand euros, and the Yamaha concert piano was found in one of the modern prices for 6 mil ones rubles, exact prices at the famous Steinway unknown.

It is worth noting that the salon and cabinet pianos are much cheaper: from about 400 thousand to 3 million, it depends on the manufacturer and the specific model. In this case, only the most famous, popular companies were considered: Yamaha, Bohemia, Petrof, C. Bechstein, Bluthner.

The most affordable prices are for home pianos. The instrumental products of the well-known Moscow Lira plant, in particular, the piano with the loud name Mozart, cost from 100 thousand rubles, the popular Czech Bohemia and Petrof - about 300 thousand, and the quality standard itself, the famous German C. Bechstein - already 600 thousand.

As for digital pianos, against such a solid background, they seem to be practically free: an entry-level musical instrument can be purchased at around $ 1, 000.

In detail examining the topic of piano prices, one cannot help but touch upon a bit of the history of the post-socialist development of the then music industry.

Of the almost two dozen piano factories in the USSR, only two are currently operating: the aforementioned Moscow musical instrument factory called “Lira” and the famous Borisov factory, which is located in Belarus. Note that the “Lira” even resumed production of the “Moscow” grand pianos.

By the mid-2000s, the Leningrad factory “Red October” periodically revived and died again, which returned to its worthy historical brand “J. Becker. " It should be noted that in Soviet times, it was the main factory of the country, which developed for everyone else the popular mechanics and many other components. It was not possible to find data on her current state.

Another worthy Soviet brand, called Estonia, has survived. Estonian pianos in the Soviet Union stood out in terms of quality from “Red October” and “Moscow” - and today, based on data on the Internet, they are quite successfully exported to some countries of Western Europe, as well as to the USA.

The Soviet factories with a slight stretch include the well-known Czech brand Petrof. At that time, buying the piano of this manufacturer (in the 1980s, its cost was about 1200 rubles!) Was considered a longed-for dream of most Soviet musicians. Already in the 1990s, the next owners of the factory were the direct descendants of Petrof, who in the mid-19th centuries. this production and founded.

It was they who managed to find the right niche in the world market and thanks to this, to realize up to 7000 musical instruments per year. But in 2009, due to the crisis and, consequently, lack of demand, the development of pianos and grand pianos was forced to reduce by four, and the production capacities themselves were partially refocused on the production of ... furniture.

Whether you need to spend money on a new piano or whether it’s worth buying a used piano is up to you. In the meantime, you can just enjoy the beautiful game.

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