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The piano under the brand name "Lira" appeared in the 70s of the last century. It was produced by the Lira factory. In the Soviet Union there were many factories that produced various pianos: some produced a good instrument, others did not. Most of the factories were interconnected: somewhere they made mechanics, somewhere they assembled a tool. Unfortunately, almost all of them remained in the Soviet Union. Only one domestic factory survived to this day - Lira.

Today, the Lira factory produces a very good and inexpensive tool. The trademarks Mozart, Richter, Tchaikovsky and world-famous pianos Moscow are all products of the factory. As you can see, when compared with factories that have sunk into oblivion, Lira continues to develop and surprise us with a new high-quality and at the same time cheap tool. This factory can be quite safely called at the moment the largest manufacturer of pianos and pianos in Russia, as well as their supplier to the international and Russian market.

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A few words about the products of the factory. Mozart is a completely new model in the Russian market of musical instruments. During its creation, DETOA mechanics (high-quality Czech mechanics) and one of the best-in-class ORIENT keyboards were used. This is the first fundamentally new tool, which even surpasses the European level in some parameters (especially the quality of the external finish).

The instrument looks modern, although it retained academic features. The best part is that this factory miracle, despite all its advantages in quality, can be bought at an affordable price (even much cheaper than Czech units). The tool is also in demand in the markets of Italy, Belgium, England, Turkey and Portugal. Most likely, thanks to such popularity and high quality at an affordable price, the factory was able to survive very unfavorable times.


But this, according to the director of the factory, they are not going to stop. “Richter” are the tools of the “K” model, which are also a good example of price and quality compatibility.

Original design of the case, and at the same time the same original and beautiful sound. The case is made in a simple style and has a modern look, it will certainly become an adornment of any interior. The acoustics in the piano are made of wood.


One of the innovations in the Richter piano series is the Rondo model in deep dark blue with an insert in the frame and Italian pigmented glossy finishes. Such a piano costs 123700 rubles - one of the most expensive price tags in the series.

The Lira factory also conducts experimental work on improving the mechanics of the piano. To tell you the truth, they succeed. Factory specialists Zhmotov I.N. and Golovkin N.A. have already patented the keyboard "piano mechanism". The essence of their invention is to replace traditional mechanics with the invented one.

Why "> Soviet Lira

But what happened to the old Soviet factory models? Nothing. Even now you can find a bunch of ads for the sale of an old tool. Unfortunately, quality is lost over time. Some models are absolutely not repairable. Some are partially in need of repair. To find a more or less good tool, you need to spend a fair amount of time searching for it.

Fortunately, this business is not so hopeless, because the piano “Lira” started to be released less than 50 years ago - not so much time provided that the instrument is properly maintained. In principle, everyone decides for himself. Perhaps it is better to buy a new, more modern, better tool from the same Lira factory?

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