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Combine of musical instruments “Lira”: piano “Tchaikovsky”

brands : Combine of musical instruments “Lira”: piano “Tchaikovsky”

The piano of the Tchaikovsky brand (Tchaikovsky), along with the brands Richter (Richter) and Mozart (Mozart), produces the Moscow musical instrument factory Lira.

This tool is the most budget option of those that are produced by Lira. Compared to the piano of the Richter brand, it costs 30–40 thousand rubles cheaper, and if you compare it with the piano of the Mozart brand (the best instrument in this troika), the price difference will be about 40–50 thousand rubles.

The piano “Tchaikovsky” is positioned by the manufacturer as an entry-level instrument. This means that the instrument of this brand is well suited for those people who just recently sat at the piano and take their first steps in learning. Therefore, the piano "Tchaikovsky" is in great demand among parents whose children study at a music school.

Characteristics of the Tchaikovsky piano : height - 120 cm, width - 145.5 cm, depth - 60.7 cm, weight - 200 kg.

The pianos of this brand are equipped with imported mechanics and the Orient keyboard, a German wirbelbank, and an imported wirbel. Pianos of this model are veneered with veneer from different wood species. The design of this tool is notable for its modesty. The general color scheme in which the piano is sustained is monophonic. All this allows you to reduce the cost of the tool.

The musical instrument factory “Lira” produces the following models of this brand:

Piano "Tchaikovsky". Model "M-1"

Price: 88 700 rubles.

Piano "Tchaikovsky". Model "M-1"

Price: 90 700 rubles.

Piano "Tchaikovsky". Model "M-1"

Price: 90 700 rubles.

Unlike the pianos of the Richter and Mozart brands, the lineup of this piano is not very rich. This is due primarily to its simplicity.

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