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The Magic Harpsichord by Francois Cuperin

personalities : The Magic Harpsichord by Francois Cuperin

Is it possible for an organist, a representative of an ancient musical genus, who could only write spiritual works in life, to conquer the frivolous royal court ">

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Courage Francois Couperin

The future composer was born in 1668 in Paris. In the city where they lived, worked, achieved success and many great masters disappeared into obscurity. Francois's father, Charles, was a famous organist in the Cathedral of Saint-Gervais, a talented musician and loving father.

He passed the place of the organist to his eldest son, who showed great hope in the field of serious music. However, François did not go down the beaten track - organ music sometimes made him bored. The musician wanted to convey in his creations the joy of life, a sense of hope and the fullness of happiness. For this, the organ hardly fit - and Francois boldly moved to the harpsichord. This somewhat monotonously sounding instrument, which for the time being served only as an accompaniment for romantic elegies at court, sounded under the fingers of the young Couperin like a magic flute that conquered hearts.

Organist and favorite of high society

However, François did not leave the organ bequeathed by his father. He continued to play in the cathedral. Not without inspiration, he created several sublime organ pieces, from which the hearts of classical music lovers tremble. These are masses and three Easter masses, motets. According to some music critics, it was from these works that Johann-Sebastian Bach himself studied.
Francois Couperin made the greatest contribution to the development of the harpsichord style, his filigree-sophisticated plays opened a new stage in the performing culture. Couperin's music is as if woven from lace. The abundance of melismas, emotional coloring and sophisticated miniature forms make the works of Francois Couperin unmistakably recognizable.
The harpsichord works of the maestro pleased the king and the whole court. The terrible monarch even entrusted to Couperin the training of his adored offspring.

“For twenty years now, I have been honored to be with the king and to train almost simultaneously his highness the Dauphin, the Duke of Burgundy and the six princes and princesses of the royal house, ” wrote Couperin.

Listen: Les Baricades Mistérieuses

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What works were especially popular during the years of Cooperin’s life "> End of life

Ungrateful rock hit the darling of the muse with a heavy blow - an incurable disease killed the maestro year after year. The great harpsichord player Cooperen Francois rested in peace at the age of 63 in his hometown. He inherited the place of the collegiate organist to his daughter Margarita-Antoinette, and to the grateful descendants - his unique music.


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