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Musical instrument factory “Lira”: piano “Richter”

brands : Musical instrument factory “Lira”: piano “Richter”

Moscow musical instrument factory “Lira” is the oldest piano manufacturer in Russia. Founded in the Soviet years (1956), it withstood the difficulties of the nineties, when enterprises ceased to receive state orders, and established the production of new, better tools. Now the plant owns such brands as "Richter", "Tchaikovsky", "Mozart".

Piano "Richter"

Characteristics : height -120 cm, width - 146.5 cm, depth - 60.5 cm, weight - 200 kg.

Instruments of this brand are equipped with imported mechanics and the Orient keyboard, a German wiredbelbank, imported strings and hammers. In the manufacture of the “Richter” piano, quality-dried solid wood and multi-layer polishing are used. The piano of this model is veneered with veneer made of valuable wood: oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut.

The pitch of the Richter is 71/4 octaves. It features stable sound and classic appearance.

The musical instrument factory “Lira” produces several models of this brand. Features of various models are mainly in their design.

Piano "Richter". Rondo Model

Price: 112, 000 rubles.

Piano "Richter". Model "K"

Price: 95 500 rubles.

Piano "Richter". Model B

Price: 95 500 rubles.

Piano "Richter". Model "B"

Price: 99 900 rubles.

Compared with foreign piano brands (for example: W. Hoffmann, Zimmermann, C. Bechstein, etc.), the piano of the Richter brand wins due to its low price. Tools of this brand are three to four times cheaper than their Western counterparts.

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