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Baksanskaya (WWII songs)

notes : Baksanskaya (WWII songs)

Sheet music for Baksanskaya

from the collection “Songs of the Great Patriotic War”

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Where snow trails sweeps
Where the formidable avalanches are noisy
This song folded and sings
Climbers fighting squad.

Mountains became our relatives in battles,
Snowstorms and snowstorms are not terrible.
An order was given, no debts were fees
For reconnaissance in the lair of the enemy.

Remember, comrade, white snows,
Slender forest of Baksan, dugouts of the enemy.
Remember the grenade and the note in it
On a rocky crest for the coming days.

Branches crackled in the fire in the smoke
Strong tea was smoking in the pot.
You came tired of intelligence
He drank for a long time and was silent for the same amount.

Blue, frozen hands
The sweating machine rubbed.
And sighed deeply at times
Head leaning back.

Remember, comrade, the howl of the night snowstorm,
Remember how the enemies screamed in our faces
Remember how the machine answered with a roar,
Remember how you and I returned to the squad.

Where day and night squalls
Cliffs drowning menacing in the snow
We closed the passes firmly
And they didn’t give an inch to the enemy.

The day will come, a decisive blow
The people will go into battle for the last time.
And then we say that it’s not in vain
We stood to the death for the Caucasus.

Bygone time flies like smoke
In memory will scatter past traces.
But do not forget us these formidable days,
We will always keep them in our memory.

No jokes are taught in our camps.
If you have to fight in the mountains,
Together with the ice ax you will take the machine
And, as on insurance, squeeze his butt.

Remember, comrade, white snows,
Slender forest of Baksan, dugouts of the enemy,
Bones on the Bass, graves near Uzhba ...
Remember, comrade! Remember dear!

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