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Synthesizer Jam: Modern Talking

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Living in Germany and singing exclusively in English: how European it is! And at the same time, why not ">

Dieter bohlen

It all started with Dieter Bohlen. He was looking for someone with whom he could write a German version of FR David's song “Pick up the phone”. However, he could not find a performer. As a result, the output was “Was macht das shon">

Thomas anders

Thomas by that time could already boast of some success. Well, not at that particular time, but shortly before. He spoke on television, released the single Judi, and as part of one group he managed to travel all over Germany with concerts. For a teenager in those years, it was very good. But Thomas's father came to the conclusion that his son must still finish school, and success ended as quickly as it began. And until 1981, Tom only did what he studied.

In 1981, he wrote three singles, which Dieter Bohlen especially liked. Like the performer himself. By 1985, Thomas himself came to the conclusion that it was time to create a full-fledged duet. He and his girlfriend rested in the Canaries, there he became engaged to her, but Dieter rested in Mallorca at that time. And as soon as they returned to Germany, they immediately embarked on a joint project.

So they worked on a joint project, but in November of that year, Thomas and his bride got into a terrible car accident. In a strange way, none of them was hurt. And almost immediately after that their video “You're my heart ...” was released. Both Dieter and Thomas ended up on television broadcasts, as Thomas wanted, and on top of the musical Olympus, as Dieter wanted.

Three months later, "You can win ..." was released. He became the second single of the duo. And so, song by song, the band really gained world fame.

That's just the world, although blind, but not very. The people noticed that Dieter was complaining about Thomas's frank laziness - for five months of Dieter's work, Thomas came only a couple of times to record a voice.

It so happened that the unofficial third member of the group was Luis Rodriguez. He did not play musical instruments, but he was a sound engineer, chief technician, and sometimes even a consultant in songwriting. Dieter often asked him for advice on compositions. And it was to him that the famous song “Brother Louie” was dedicated at one time.

However, Dieter worked not only with Moder Talking. He collaborated with other musicians. He achieved no less success, for example, with S.S. Catch. He contributed to the popularity of the singer Caroline Muller (the same S.S. Catch) and became her producer. So they worked together until the 89th year.

Dieter also contributed to the fact that some actors who left the screen returned to the stage again. For example, it was thanks to Dieter that Chris Norman was able to return. It was Dieter Bohlen who wrote Midnight Lady.

Dieter thus showed that although Thomas’s face was on the cover of Modern Talking, Modern Talking owed all his success to him, Dieter. But few people ever thought that his songs had at least some deep meaning.

However, CCCatch became a logical clone of Bolen's previous project. At first, almost everything coincided. Only the signs changed, and even the voice remained almost the same. Well, the voice changed, the floor was cut off, and even that, it must be said that Thomas sang frankly not in the masculine style.

Nora with Thomas

Relations with Thomas spoiled not by the day, but by the hour. They managed to quarrel even at concerts. In addition, it turned out that Thomas had not so much psyche - in the 85th he successfully had a nervous breakdown. And as soon as he got out, he immediately married Nora. Dieter at the wedding, in which thousands of fans staged a grand hysteria, was not. His father had a heart attack, and he quite rightly believed that his father was still needed. Those who were in the subject understood that he simply did not approve of Thomas’s position - was it so loud to arrange a wedding ">

The continuation of the history of the Modern Talking group is in the second, final part.

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