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Combined catalog of children's notes

children : Combined catalog of children's notes

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  • Songs for children
  • TV Songs
  • Cartoon sheet music
    • Various
    • “Cheburashka”
    • "The Bremen Town Musicians"
    • “Blue Puppy”
    • About Cat Leopold
    • “Aibolit”
    • “38 parrots”
    • “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel”
  • Sheet Music from Children's Films
    • “Mom and Victor against Wild Guitars”
    • “Adventure Electronics”
    • "The Adventures of Pinocchio"
    • “Dunno of our yard”
    • “Breakfast on the grass”
    • Other

Songs for children

  1. Stork on the roof
  2. Little Christmas tree
  3. Song about dad
  4. Christmas tree (Little Christmas tree)
  5. And you catch crocodiles
  6. Sliver ballad
  7. Bambi
  8. White track
  9. White snow
  10. Vanya Shepherd
  11. Funny pipe
  12. Adults and children
  13. Fun to walk together
  14. Vocalise Fun Fugue
  15. Crow
  16. There is always a case
  17. We all divide in half
  18. Two by two is four
  19. Santa Claus
  20. Childhood
  21. Kids love to draw
  22. Birthday
  23. Mysterious Flu
  24. What for
  25. The game
  26. holidays
  27. Living doll
  28. Grandma's song
  29. The dog is gone
  30. Snowflakes
  31. You are a good guy, Natasha

TV Songs

  1. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Salt (Singing Lesson)
  2. Tired toys are sleeping (Good night, kids)
  3. Lullaby V.A. Mozart (Good night, kids)

Cartoon sheet music


  1. Abracadabra
  2. Antoshka (Antoshka)
  3. White Ships (Cardboard Clock Area)
  4. The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree
  5. Merry-Go-Round
  6. Funny geese (Two funny geese)
  7. Leads the road (car)
  8. All kids love to sing (Wolfskin)
  9. Rain will go down the street (The river that flows)
  10. If there was no winter (Holidays in Prostokvashino)
  11. Lullaby of the Bear (Umka)
  12. Ship (First meetings)
  13. The land in which you live (The land in which you live)
  14. Cruiser Aurora (Aurora)
  15. Frog Lambada (Travel Frog)
  16. We live on a visit to the summer (Invisible hat)
  17. True friend (Timka and Dimka)
  18. Do not worry in vain (Lost and found)
  19. About Robin Hood (Brave Robin Hood)
  20. Huge dog secret (Big secret for a small company)
  21. Clouds (Tryam - hello!)
  22. Winnie the Pooh Song (The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
  23. Hare and Wolf song at the carnival (Wait a minute!)
  24. Horse Song (Light Bread)
  25. Song Svistulkina (Dunno in the Solar City)
  26. Song about the summer (Santa Claus and summer)
  27. Song of the Dream (Patchwork and Cloud)
  28. Santa Claus song (Santa Claus and summer)
  29. Mamontenk song (Mom for Mammoth)
  30. Donkey song (Big secret for a small company)
  31. Song of a lion cub and turtles (How a lion cub and a turtle sang a song)
  32. Song Pishichitaya (Our friend Pishichitaya)
  33. A song about a grasshopper (Adventures of Dunno)
  34. Elephant Song (Disputes and contention)
  35. Song of Four Friends (Ship)
  36. Umka's song (Umka is looking for a friend)
  37. Song of Happiness (Burenushka)
  38. Song of the Soldier (Ax Porridge)
  39. Smile (Baby Raccoon)
  40. Good and bad (Who, guys, we have a good "> Chung-chang (Katerok)


  1. Crocodile Song Genes
  2. And in the suburbs are caught bream
  3. Blue carriage
  4. Song of Cheburashka

"The Bremen Town Musicians"

  1. Friends song
  2. Baiushki bye
  3. They say we’re byak beeches
  4. Duet of king and princess
  5. Troubadour's Court Song
  6. Guard song
  7. Bandit song
  8. Song of the Brilliant Detective

“Blue Puppy”

  1. Introduction
  2. Panic
  3. Teaser
  4. Black cat song
  5. Sawfish Song
  6. Song of an experienced sailor
  7. Song of the Evil Pirate
  8. Blue puppy song

About Cat Leopold

  1. We will survive this trouble (Summer of the cat Leopold)
  2. If you are good (Leopold's Birthday)
  3. Friendship Song (Leopold and the Goldfish)


  1. Funny animals
  2. Good doctor Aibolit
  3. Bears rode
  4. Small children
  5. Fly Tsokotukha
  6. Dad and mom
  7. Barmalea song

“38 parrots”

  1. Terribly interesting
  2. Tail charge

“The Adventures of Captain Vrungel”

  1. Mana mana
  2. Agent Zero Zero X Song
  3. Gangster song
  4. Captain Vrungel's song
  5. Ship Name Song

Sheet Music from Children's Films

“Mom and Victor against Wild Guitars”

  1. Introduction
  2. The second song of Snow White
  3. The second song of Baba Yaga
  4. Kashchei's song
  5. Cat Matvey Song
  6. Song of the Goblin
  7. Stove Song
  8. Song of the Old Man-Lesovichka
  9. Song of the Apple Tree
  10. Chase song
  11. Wizard theme song
  12. Wizard's song
  13. The first song of Baba Yaga
  14. The first song of Baba Yaga
  15. The first song of Snow White
  16. Spore song
  17. Fairy forest theme
  18. Snow White's third song
  19. The final
  20. Hiking song
  21. Wild Guitar Song
  22. Song about wizards

“Adventure Electronics”

  1. Anyone knows that
  2. What progress has come to?
  3. Winged swing
  4. Bells

"The Adventures of Pinocchio"

  1. Boo-ra-ti-no
  2. Tortilla Turtle Romance

“Dunno of our yard”

  1. Where wizards are found
  2. Anthem of Dunno and his friends
  3. Long live the surprise!

“Breakfast on the grass”

  1. Potatoes
  2. Please don't complain
  3. Goldfish


  1. Where music originates (Chekhard)
  2. Good Beetle (Cinderella)
  3. When my friends are with me (Secret all over the world)
  4. Mom (Wolf and seven kids)
  5. Forest deer (Oh, this Nastya)
  6. Beautiful far away (Guest from the future)
  7. Secret to the whole world (Secret to the whole world)
  8. Three white horses (Wizards)
  9. Lion and Barber (Mary Poppins)
  10. Little Red Riding Hood Song (The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood)
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