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Modern workstation and work with it (part IV): the use of samples in heavy music

tool : Modern workstation and work with it (part IV): the use of samples in heavy music

In general, the theme of electronic music is rather mysterious in its essence. It’s good that it can be attributed to the topic of synthesizers, which, for the most part, still have the same black and white keyboard, sometimes with heavier keys. Why "in the majority" ">

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  • Atmospheric sampling
  • Quote Sample
  • Magnifiers. Loops, i.e.

Atmospheric sampling

Strictly speaking, samples began to be used in metal simultaneously with its birth. Already on the first track of the first Black Sabbath record you can hear a typical example of the use of samples. Thunder, rain, bells - this whole kitchen is nothing but the result of the active use of samples, although they have become so familiar, correct and traditional that, with all its electronic nature, the composition continues to be truly rocker. Such is the paradox.

Since then, atmospheric sampling is used by everyone. And no wonder, because it makes it possible to so coolly emphasize the atmosphere of the composition!

Quote Sample

Looks like DJing - and not without reason. Quote sampling is the inclusion of a piece of music in the composition, a piece from another song, often another artist. Collecting such pieces more than you should - and this will be a mix, not a composition.

Classics are by no means disdain. These are fragments in Megadet's compositions, starting from the distant eighties to this day, and the eternal Ecstasy Of Gold, which is by no means a metal production, which does not prevent musicians from opening the lion's share of their concerts with it.

Among ready-made quotes, sampling takes on such bizarre shapes that your head goes around. Or do you really believe that for every piece of their work they invite a choir of asexual boys or a symphony orchestra "> Loops. Loops, that is

In this case, musical phrases are designed not so much to fill the work with a special atmosphere, but to create the impression of having any instrument that the musicians failed to record for various reasons.

For me, a brighter example than Simon Green and his sophistication is hard to come up with. But since it’s still about metal, such a monster of the metal scene as Linkin Park comes to mind here. Here, the champions of true metal can only grit their teeth - it’s not accepted, oh, it’s not accepted ... Like, all the instruments must be genuine, although at one time even Hammond’s organ was considered by no means real, and so, an eccentric fake.

In the same spirit work GODSMACK, POD, LIMP BIZKIT, KORN and I, excuse me for being immodest. Well, I have nowhere to put a full drum kit at home, even if you crack!

This is where the music workstation compiled on the basis of a regular PC helped me out.

What do you think, the work of Rob Zombie can be considered metal "> this link.

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