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Differences between piano and piano

tool : Differences between piano and piano

What is the difference between a piano and a piano "> Apart from its shape, few people can understand what the difference is between a piano and a piano, but few people wonder why they have a different shape. A piano is an instrument with vertical string construction, this construction provides compactness (relative, of course) of the instrument. The piano’s construction is horizontal, it has an arched shape and, unlike the piano, is mounted on three legs. All this was done not for the sake of someone’s whim: a larger piano deck gives a louder sound, which’s what t its indispensable at concerts and in classes of music schools.

Besides size, there is another key difference. There is a special mechanism in the piano called the “double rehearsal mechanism” (“rehearsal” - repetition) - it was created so that it would be easy to play fast repetitive keystrokes, which is also indispensable at concerts where you need to demonstrate your skills to the maximum.

As you can see, the piano, in fact, has no significant differences from the piano: simply each of the instruments performs its role. And if you have a desire to install a piano in the apartment, since you think that it will give you a richer and more interesting sound, then it's better to drop this idea right away. The sound quality depends only on the quality of the instrument itself: expensive pianos will produce much better sound than budget pianos, and the main difference will be only in volume.

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