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Alexander Gindin: different facets of piano performance

personalities : Alexander Gindin: different facets of piano performance
Alexander Gindin: creative process

The name of Alexander Gindin is familiar to any modern music lover. This is an amazingly talented artist, a distinctive performer, one of the most sought-after musicians of our time. In his piano playing, the emotionality and brightness of colors is combined with virtuoso pianism, subtlety, intelligence and a deep understanding of music.

Alexander Gindin was born and raised in Moscow. The giftedness of the boy manifested itself from early childhood. He entered the music school named after Stasov. Subsequently, the boy continued his piano studies at the Central School of Music at the Moscow Conservatory. There, his teacher became a famous musician, professor Mikhail Voskresensky. At seventeen, Gindin graduated from the Central Music School - and immediately declared himself at the prestigious Tchaikovsky International Competition! The youngest laureate in the history of the competition, Alexander Gindin took an honorable fourth place among the best pianists.

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Piano school

In 1999, Gindin graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, receiving a diploma with honors. The continuation of his musical studies was an assistant-internship, which he passed under the guidance of his teacher Voskresensky. Voskresensky is one of the best students of L. Oborin, a bright representative of the Igumnov piano school. It was precisely the pedagogical professionalism of Voskresensky that allowed Alexander Gindin to fully master the performing skills, learn the expressiveness and musicality of sound production, and prepare an extensive program.

Bright start

In the year of graduation, Gindin went to Brussels, where he took part in the Queen Elizabeth International Competition. The musician became the owner of an honorable second place.

After some time, Gindin declared himself in the American city of Cleveland. There he won the first prize at the international pianistic competition. The result of this triumphant success was engagement for a huge number of concerts in the United States of America. Gindin gave more than fifty performances in America - so began his fast pianistic career.


Alexander Gindin is one of the most popular Russian piano music performers

The repertoire of Alexander Gindin is truly huge. He plays music of all styles and eras, at his concerts you can hear the entire world musical palette, from Baroque compositions for harpsichord to modern piano pieces. Of particular note is the huge number of concerts for piano and orchestra - one gets the feeling that Gindin outplayed them all.

Vivid performances of Gindin regularly take place in concert halls of Russia, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan and other countries of the world. He collaborates with leading orchestras in Russia and Europe. Among the conductors associated with Gindin's joint performances are V. Ashkenazi, Yu.Domarkas, Yu.Simonov, V. Sinaisky, V. Spivakov, M. Pletnev ...

Gindin does not ignore chamber music. He played in an ensemble with Vladimir Spivakov, A. Borodin State Quartet, oboe player Alexei Utkin, cellists Chaushyan and Rudin.

Various projects

Among the interesting creative projects of Gindin, the Quartet of Pianos should be noted. Famous musicians from Russia, France, the USA, Holland, Turkey and Greece took part in it. The concerts of the Quartet of Pianos were successfully received by the Moscow public. A year later, the program of the Quartet of Pianos (rarely performed music by Ravel, Debussy, Lavignac, Millau and Bizet-Wilberg) was played in France, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Alexander Gindin performed in concerts of the “Piano Triumph” personal subscription held at the Moscow House of Music. In those evenings, unusual duets, ensembles and music sounded accompanied by the orchestras of Vladimir Spivakov and Pierre Amoyal.
Gindin organized the “Festival of Piano Duets”, the musical forum “The Magic of the Piano”, and the charity concert “Musicians for Peace”.

Alexander Gindin gave several concerts with the Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir led by V. Minin.

A creative and active person, Alexander Gindin is always open to new trends in art. In 2012, he took part in the play “Demons” staged by Yuri Lyubimov.

Under the artistic direction of Alexander Gindin, the Swedish Royal Festival takes place.

Creative tandem with Nikolai Petrov

The creative partnership of Alexander Gindin and Nikolai Petrov lasted more than ten years

It is impossible to ignore the piano partnership of Alexander Gindin and Nikolai Petrov. Their duet was formed in 2000, and a few months later they already performed a Mendelssohn concert on stage for two pianos and an As-dur orchestra, for the first time introducing the Russian public to this composition. This performance determined the musical credo of the duet Gindin-Petrov. Most of their joint repertoire was composed of rarely performed or completely unknown piano compositions. Each season, musicians surprised the audience with new piano rarities. Of course, their programs could not do without well-known compositions, beloved by the public around the world.

Over the years of cooperation, musicians have created about twelve concert programs, among which six concerts for two pianos and an orchestra are presented. Nikolai Petrov and Alexander Gindin have played more than fifty concerts in Russian cities and various European countries. Musicians were regular participants in international music festivals.

In Moscow, the piano duet could often be heard at the subscription concerts of the Moscow Philharmonic. Also, their creative tandem regularly took part in charity concerts.

Musical features

Of course, triumphant performances were preceded by colossal rehearsal activities. Through lengthy and rigorous rehearsals, the musicians managed to achieve excellent creative results. They developed a common style of sound production, completely agreed on the unity of stylistic landmarks, and reached perfect alignment. The musicians managed to merge two beautiful pianistic schools into a single whole. Nikolai Petrov was a student of Y.I. Zak, and Alexander Gindin was a pupil of the Igumnov piano school. The fusion of these two pianistic traditions made the duo a unique phenomenon in world music history.

It is impossible not to say about the mutual influence of the personalities of pianists. They belonged to different generations - maybe because of their joint work turned out to be so fruitful and interesting. Petrov’s calm wisdom and maturity, Gindin’s almost youthful ardor - all this intertwined and became one Music.

The Russian and foreign press did not ignore a single performance of the piano duet. Each of their concerts became an occasion for rave reviews from the public and music critics. Everyone noted their virtuoso technique, amazing culture of sound, ensemble craftsmanship, artistic performance without unnecessary affectation, the penetration of their music, the emotional uplift on which each performance took place.

Creative results

Alexander Gindin and Nikolai Petrov: concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

Of all the forms of ensemble play, it is the duet that is the most technically complex. Especially when it comes to piano. The slightest discrepancy in the texture is instantly recognized by the listeners. But at the concerts of the Gindin-Petrov duet, this simply could not happen. Their ensemble mastery is so great that listeners ... do not notice it. And this is the highest reward. People listening to the piano duet of Gindin and Petrov do not think about how well the musicians play - they are transferred to the world of music, immersed in the bright depths of sounds and images. Probably, piano music performed by Gindin and Petrov sounds exactly as composers conceived: Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Stravinsky, Mendelssohn ...

Musicians have recorded several CDs at the best recording studios. One of the discs contains a recording of a concert dedicated to the memory of the great pianist Jacob Zack, beloved teacher Nikolai Petrov. This musical offering was a testament to fidelity to the traditional Russian piano school.
Unfortunately, now the game of the duet can be heard only in the recording. In August 2011, Nikolai Petrov died at the age of 69, not recovering from the consequences of a stroke.

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