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Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen

This stunning music production company was born on February 14, 2006, thanks to the efforts of two composers. Their names are Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen.

The niche occupied by music companies of this kind, on the one hand, seems to be rather narrow. On the other hand, it is extensive and includes many musical styles, almost everything that may be required from the soundtrack to the films. Nick and Thomas have dedicated their lives to writing and implementing the insane set of ideas that we see today.

Nick Phoenix

Two Steps From Hell has existed for only six years, but managed to win its place in the sun. In particular, among customers. It is impossible to have such an extensive discography without a guarantee that it will be necessary and in demand. But the specific world of film music left its mark on their audience. The fact is that their albums are almost impossible to find on sale. This, of course, is not about pirated copies, and therefore on the Internet you can still find a huge number of their records. One of the most famous music companies of the twenty-first century simply could not go unnoticed!

Thomas Bergensen

And this wealth and even a riot of colors ... Intoxication, Cannibal and other musical compositions will not leave indifferent both lovers of modern rich rock music with orchestral accompaniment, and true connoisseurs of modern classics. In a sense, Two Steps From Hell can really be called the brightest representatives of both publishers of widescreen film music and contemporary classics. In any case, the classics of the genre.

Their compositions are used as melodies when football teams enter the field, when presenting awards ... to say nothing, of course, they are also quoted when publishing high-budget Hollywood films, as well as the compositions of their colleagues - X-Ray Dog. Among such films: 2012, Beowulf, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Spider-Man 3: The Enemy in Reflection, Star Trek, Twilight. In addition, the sounds of their music can be heard in computer games. So, for example, in the game Mass Effect 2, in the starting trailer, the composition “Heart of Courage” was used.

Here is just a short list of their albums:

  • Two Steps From Hell: Volume 1 (2006)
  • Shadows and Nightmares (2006)
  • Dynasty (2007)
  • All Drums Go To Hell (2007)
  • Pathogen (2007)
  • Nemesis (2007) [2]
  • Dreams & Imaginations (2007)
  • Legend (2008)
  • Ashes (2008)
  • The Devil Wears Nada (2009)
  • All Drones Go To Hell (2010)
  • Power of Darkness (2010)
  • Invincible (2010)
  • Illumina (2010)
  • Public Album: Nemesis 2 (2010) [3]
  • Public Album: Genesis (2010)
  • Two Steps From Heaven (2010)
  • Archangel (2011)
  • Faction (2011)
  • Balls To The Wall (2011)
  • Illusions (2011)
  • Nero (2011)
  • Sinners (2011)

And what about composers ">

Two Steps From Hell

Nick Phoenix also worked in the trailer for the band Music Junkies and continues to work with renowned electronic music composers. It so happened that while Bergersen is mainly responsible for the band’s orchestrations, symphony orchestra and choir, Phoenix brings rock leitmotifs, guitar passages and industrial elements to the sound.

Such a thermonuclear mixture became the key to their phenomenal take-off on the Olympus trailer scene. They became so famous that they had to promise their many fans that they would nevertheless release soon a collection of their best things, which would be available for sale.

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