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Modern workstation and work with it (part V): how to use samples

tool : Modern workstation and work with it (part V): how to use samples

Whether you use the samples when working in your workstation is up to you and only you. How to do it ">

Then you will figure out the union of the winamp and the tracker yourself. A similar tandem is useful to you if you want to combine live recordings with sampled music. Of course, this can be done in Fruti Lupse, but after the fact, not everyone will figure it out with Nuendo, and the controls there are not so hot, but an ordinary tracker with comfortable controls is much prettier.

The content of the article

  • Drums
  • Orchestral, choir and other sounds


Recording bass with samples is a perversion, but a drum kit - why not? There are many ready-made loops; in addition, you can play around with the Fruttilupovskiy sequencer and pick up a suitable batch relatively quickly.

The only thing is to type complex drums solos so long and boring that you are unlikely to dare to tackle this. Work a little on atmospheric effects, arrange them in a panorama and voila! - a bit acceptable rhythm section is ready!

For ready-made loops, it’s easier instead of a sequencer to take the same player and tracker, loop the winamp and enable a short circuit in the sound card program control, but wait a bit.

To record a completely new loop, it will be enough for you to choose the right amount of ... ahem-ahem ... sequencer buttons (up to 64), set the tempo you need, sketch a melody and select a separate file with the finished loop. The latter can eventually be pushed into the same winamp and submitted to the tracker without any troubles and with maximum accuracy.

Orchestral, choir and other sounds

It can be either separate instruments, and then you still write music using a synthesizer, or individual orchestral fragments. Let's just say this: usually the previously recorded samples sound much more organic, but they sharply limit you to the sample bank, but individual instruments, although they require a certain skill, give incomparably greater freedom of action.

And in this area of ​​activity there is where to turn around! But it’s up to you to decide where.

Before you begin, I advise you to still once again see the workshop of Simon Green. It uses Logic Pro 7, Fruti Loops has a completely different interface, but, let's say, is much simpler. But the principle of action is the same.

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