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Shadow Celebrities: X-Ray Dog

personalities : Shadow Celebrities: X-Ray Dog
The music of the soundtrack collective X-Ray Dog perfectly complements any Hollywood movie

There are musical groups whose creativity is admired by millions, despite the fact that their name is constantly in the shadows. They write dozens of albums, thousands of songs and function quite well for decades, without putting their works on sale. About whom we are talking about some underground groups "> gloomy music. Music is the language of feelings, which is simply obliged to complement the video plot.

Finding an X-Ray Dog biography isn't easy. Most sources indicate rather sparingly, but at the same time capaciously - one of the main suppliers of Hollywood soundtracks. As you can judge from the above list, Hollywood's world best sellers are indeed often completed with their work.

Some more information on the company's website. In the section dedicated directly to the band itself, there are two videos accompanied by their own music. In one of the closest documentary genres, musicians, an orchestra, conductors and composers of a company, a recording studio are shown, and names and surnames are listed in subtitles.

The second video series, which is also the first in the list, looks absolutely fabulous with elements of fiction. A huge spaceship arrives on Earth in the form of a dog, which itself seemed to have descended from ancient Egyptian inscriptions, and then a fleet consisting of ships in the form of all the same dogs is announced at all. The spectacle is impressive, but in combination with a rather sinister music, it causes quite curious sensations. It may have seemed majestic, fantastic and pompous to the producers of the video series, but personally I was choked with bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

I often put their works as musical accompaniment when I write articles. Definitely tunes to work. Yes, their albums are not on sale, and, apparently, they won’t be there, but if you want the composition of X-Ray Dog You can find both Vkontakte and Rutreker. Let the seeker find, and here this principle fully works.

By the way, the symbol of the Scary Evil Dog (or maybe the Majestic, IMHO, looks like Anubis) with luminous eyes is being used by publishers on literally every cover of the album. The design and style of the covers is exclusively in the genre of metal albums, the music varies in the genre, but as a whole remains within the classics of the sci-fi soundtrack.

Over the past twenty years, the quality of recording and composition has changed little. It was and remains exceptionally high, not without claims to experimenting with genres. And if we draw further analogies, then X-Ray Dog can be compared with a huge factory for the production of high-quality music. This is the case when quantity does not harm quality.

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