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BLUTHNER Factory is perhaps the oldest German manufactory specializing in the production of musical instruments. This manufactory was founded back in 1853 by Julius Blutner. And in 1856, Blutner patented a unique rehearsal mechanic, which was widely used throughout Europe.

Undoubtedly, many people who are interested in music know that piano is a generalized name for keyboard and string instruments, the reproduction of music in which is possible when the hammer mechanics are started. The first piano samples made it possible to smoothly transition from one shade of sound to another, from one speaker to another.

This is what caused the popularity of this musical instrument. The very principle of the piano is very simple. When you press the keys, a hammer hit with a special felt on the stretched strings. As a result, a unique classic sound appears.

Today, the manufacturing company "BLUTHNER" is one of the best and most respected companies in the world. Quality breeds popularity. This company was hardened by fierce competition and survived. Musical instruments produced by Bluetner have always been popular with famous musicians and composers. This is a kind of poet among the piano. Exception to the rule.

The highest quality materials give these instruments a unique sound that is recognized around the world. High-strength materials from which the tools are made meet all the canons and emphasize the status of the owner. The chic technical and sound characteristics allow the Bluetner manufactory to maintain unshakable leadership among other factories. The hometown of the manufactory was the German Leipzig. This is possibly the oldest piano factory in Germany.

Returning to the past, it can be clarified that in 1873, Blutner patented the “aliquot system”, which allowed amplifying the sound using resonant strings. And after ten years, about eight hundred workers worked at the piano factory. Earlier, in 1867, Blutner received the main prize at the Paris international exhibition. Since 1876, the manufactory begins to conquer Europe. The company opens representative offices in all the largest capitals of the Old World. In 1880, the first representative office was opened in the United States.

Boston becomes the state's piano capital. Having conquered the entire western segment of the market, Blutner turned his gaze towards Russia. Having entered into a contract with a representative office of Julius Heinrich Zimmermann, Blutner begins supplying the piano to the east. From this moment, namely from the 90s of the nineteenth century, this unique manufactory began to serve the royal court of Russia. Deliveries to Asia and Latin America begin ...

The Second World War did not spare this company, as well as many other well-known manufacturers of musical instruments. Full recovery after the bombing occurred in 1943.

Today, the company continues to fully function and annually produces many high-quality, unique musical instruments that are appreciated by all connoisseurs and lovers of sophisticated and beautiful.

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