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Casio CTK-4200: Learn Easily

brands : Casio CTK-4200: Learn Easily

According to the CTK-4200 ad, Casio is positioning itself as the creator of the first portable keyboard. I am overwhelmed by doubts about the veracity of this statement. But after doing a little research, I could not find evidence to the contrary, and therefore I expect a little more from Casio products. If the company has made such high-profile statements, then the quality of the products must be of excellent quality. Although I'm not sure that the CTK-4200 is fully consistent with this statement, this model should interest the buyer.

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  • Synthesizer Selection
    • Great design and portability
  • Large selection of tones, rhythms and special features

Synthesizer Selection

Today, the digital keyboard market has a huge selection of synthesizers. Due to the huge amount of choice, it is very difficult to separate the grains from the chaff, in other words, to find a really good tool, you need to work hard.

A good synthesizer is characterized by the presence of some characteristic features, for example, light weight and convenient size, the presence of a sufficiently large selection of tones and special features, as well as the ability to connect to a computer or other devices. Simply put, a portable music keyboard should have a wide range of features and be accessible at the same time.

It may take too long to find an acceptable tool for the price and quality, since most buyers are not eager to spend a lot of money on a high-quality product, but are ready to buy tools at an affordable price.

And here the Casio CTK-4200 synthesizer will help you out. It’s a low-cost tool, suitable for any level, so even thoughts arise, but what’s the catch "> Great design and portability

The CTK-4200 is indeed a very beautiful tool. When I first encountered him, I immediately noticed the presence of an interface and speakers. The speakers struck me with their unusualness. Covered with gray-silver mesh material, they differ from conventional speakers. In my opinion, this adds a touch of chic to the instrument and is quite suitable for fashion pianists. The appearance of the control panel is also very good, I like the contrast of black with light speakers, just like the black and white keys look great together.

On the toolbar you will find about 40 different levers and buttons. The developers tried to arrange them compactly and not clutter up the piano space. Pleasant to the eye and a rather large display with backlight is located in the very center of the interface, the location of the fingers, the location of notes and the display of working notes are displayed. This is one of the best displays that I have ever seen, and this is proof that Casio does not stand still and applies progressive developments in its models.

The 61-key instrument is considered a piano-style keyboard. For this range, this is a good tool, appropriate for its price, but who is looking for a better instrument, you should pay attention to more advanced models.

Large selection of tones, rhythms and special features

The CASIO CTK-4200 has over 600 different tones and 180 rhythm accompaniment variations. You will never be bored with experimenting, as each of the sets constantly brings something new. Here you will find the timbres of the world famous piano from Casio, which were tuned and recorded using the AHL sound resource. Also in the presence of 48-note polyphony, not so extensive, but it is enough for quality work.

The CTK-4200 also includes an innovative step-by-step training system that allows musicians to choose from a huge number of downloaded songs and demonstration training with both hands. To do this, there is a special scheme that helps you recognize notes, keys and other features of musical notation. In addition, in combination with the free MIDI4CASIO application, the synthesizer allows you to load into the memory any work that you are interested in learning.

This digital piano has a USB port and can be connected to any MIDI device, such as a computer or tablet. It also comes with an eight-inch line-in / out and a standard four-inch headphone output.

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