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Casio PX-735 Digital Piano

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Casio began to produce digital pianos not so long ago. The company was officially founded in 1946, and the company began producing digital keyboards in 1980. This did not stop Casio from achieving success for more than 30 years and making its instrument not only recognizable, but also in demand on the world market.

Years of hard development and improvements in the quality of the instrument did not go unnoticed, and thanks to unprecedented perseverance and inexpensive, but high-quality solutions, the piano of this company remains available to a wide range of users. After such an unprecedented success, the company remains the leader in the sale of digital musical instruments.

The PX-735 is one of those models whose fame strides far ahead of it. This is one of the most reliable instruments, using a number of the latest technical solutions, designed to completely replace the acoustic piano.

Model PX-735 is an absolute novelty of the company. It harmoniously combines all the successful development of previous versions and optimally balanced functionality.

In an effort to achieve excellence in sound, the company's engineers decided to try to introduce technical solutions new in this field. The built-in Linear Morphing AIF sound processor has become a whole complex for processing sound and improving the sound of the piano.

Now you can hear all the smallest nuances of playing dynamic sounds. Thanks to this processor, each note now has not 3, as it was before, but 4 sounds (samples). Thanks to the improved processor and frequency processing of the sound, you can now hear up to 128 gradations of each sound.

As a result of the application of the Linear Morphing technology, the transition from loud sound to quiet now occurs without acoustic jumps. The sound of the PX-735 is now almost indistinguishable from the sound of a real concert grand piano.

To achieve the highest sound quality there is little change in just one thing, and Casio perfectly understood this. For even more realistic sound, a powerful speaker system was developed. This system is designed based on the sound of a classical instrument. Simply put, the engineers took as a basis the sound of the best acoustic concert piano.

The technology of the arrangement of the speakers in the instrument has been improved. Now the speakers are directed not only towards the performer, but also away from the performer and down. This innovation made it possible to create a very realistic three-dimensional sound, and now Casio PX-735 can be used as a concert instrument in small concert halls, using only the power of standard speakers.

The keyboard of the PX-735 has also changed significantly. A third sensor was added. Now this sensor makes it possible to recognize any, even the lightest, pressing the keyboard. Such an innovation made it possible to reproduce the entire depth of the sound of the notes. Previously, this was not possible for a digital piano. But now, playing at a fast pace, not a single note will be lost.

Casio, when developing the design of its digital pianos, always builds on the idea that a real instrument should not only be elegant, but also compact. This creed of the company was perfectly embodied in the design of the PX-735. With its compact size, it has retained classic motifs. Lightness and originality of the model are added by graceful curves of the case and a new design of stands. The price of the instrument starts at about 40, 000 rubles.

Here you can download the user manual.

Having tested this model, we can say that this is a good replacement for a classical instrument.

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