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Come back (roxette)

notes : Come back (roxette)

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Never look back on a love affair.
I never spent minutes on history,
It made me sad, it made me so sad.
And in no time no time at all
A change has begun and the name is You,
I feel strange, you've made my life strange.
Cos baby when you get close to me
I say there's a certain chemistry.

Come back before you leave.
I haven't got room for a broken heart.
Come back before you leave.
You shouldn't go at all,
You shouldn't go at all.

So many years and so many nights,
I still can recall oh the way that you move when you dance,
Do you want to dance "> Come back before you leave ...

Babe, come back before you leave,
I'll be the air for you when you breathe,
I'll be the rising sun.
Close the door, let's make love,
All God's angels sing above
Into the rising sun.

Come back before you leave ...

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