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Depeche Mode - at the dawn of civilization

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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is at the dawn of the development of both electronic and alternative rock music. A group appeared around the beginning of the eighties. Today it is the most long-lived and successful electronic group in the world. She appeared in Essex, while giving birth to a truly English sound.

The team received a bunch of awards. For example, on November 2, 2006, they won the Best Group nomination, and by 2011 they had sold over 115 million albums. Of no small importance is the fact that 44 singles hit the charts. Q magazine, in turn, included Depeche Mode on the list of fifty bands that changed the world.

At the source of Depeche Mode, there is none other than Kraftwerk itself. And at the same time, now Depeche Mode themselves will affect anyone. To a large extent, their technique of recording and sampling music should be highlighted.

Initially, they formed a quartet. After the release of their debut album, Vince Clarke, the band's keyboard player, left the band and was replaced by Alan Wilder. Now the collective is better known as a trio.

Prior to Depeche Mode, musicians Clark, Gore and Fletcher created the band Composition of Sound, which later degenerated into Depeche Mode. The name was taken from the name of the French magazine "Herald of Fashion", although now the name of the group is often mistranslated as "fast fashion." When the Composition of Sound was formed, the musicians began to switch to synthesizers.

The first recordings were made to promote the Mute Records label. Suddenly, the group was successful. The first record hit the charts and reached fifty-seventh place. The second single, which was recorded under the inspiration of the first success, takes eleventh place, and the third - eighth, hitting the top ten singles in the United Kingdom.

Everyone was happy except Vince Clark. Tom didn't like the direction the group was developing. Therefore, a decision is made about his departure. Instead, they took Alan Wilder.

In the mid-eighties, Depeche Mode begins to gain international popularity. This was greatly facilitated by the fact that the group began to experiment with industrial. In addition, the themes of compositions became more and more gloomy.

By the mid-eighties, the group began to relate to the Gothic subculture.

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Beginning of the nineties: the departure of Alan Wilder

The collaboration with producer Mark Ellis resulted in the creation of the song “Personal Jesus”. The pectoral cross with the crucifix was meant. It is worth noting the original advertising in newspapers. An announcement was published with the words “Your own personal Jesus, ” and a phone number by calling on which you could hear the song. In the states, the single received the status of gold.

Autographed 2005 photo of DM members

Rolling Stone placed her in 368th place among the five hundred greatest songs of all time. Kew magazine easily included her in the top 100 songs. As a result of all this, the single became one of the best-selling songs of the group. Many remixes were made on it - among musicians, she also became very popular. In Britain itself, the single reached thirteenth place. The song was added to the popularity group and overseas.

In February of the nineties, Enjoy the Silence was released, becoming the band's second gold single. Today, Enjoy the Silence is considered one of the most successful in the history of Depeche Mode. In the United States, he was in the top ten, the only one of the whole work of the team. The following year he receives the status of the best British single.

At a concert in Finland, September 2009

Martin Gore originally conceived the song as a slow ballad in C minor. The group listened to his recording and decided to “finalize” it a bit, having significantly accelerated it and making it a rather rhythmic thing.

All this was a great promotion for the Violator album. He became the band's seventh album. In total, four singles were released in support of the album. After a successful supporting tour, in 1996 the album received a certificate of a triple platinum disc. As a result, Violator became the group's most famous album, and its most famous work.

Interestingly, in Los Angeles, the distribution of their autographs almost became the cause of the riots. 17, 000 fans crowded.

Some influence of Nirvana began to be felt on Songs of Faith and Devotion. The influence of grunge was felt, and the album safely reached the first place in the American charts.

Life after the departure of Alan Wilder

By the second half of the nineties, the group became somewhat unstable. Drug dependence of some members of the group began to affect. As a result, in 1995, Alan Wilder announced that he was leaving the group. This did not affect the well-being of the group in the best way, and some, including Gore himself, began to talk about the breakup of the group. Nevertheless, David Gahan began to improve, deciding on a course of rehabilitation from heroin addiction.

And yet in the late nineties managed to release an album Ultra. After Exciter, the situation changed somewhat - for the first time in all time, the album climbed to a higher place in the American charts than in the British. Many fans have noted that the album lacks depth and brilliance.

In 2003, Gahan and Gore safely released their solo albums and went on tours in support of their albums.

Together again

And yet they get together in 2005, releasing Playing the Angel. Some reviewers noted that the group returned to its former form. Well, in 2006, Depeche Mode again received the status of the best group.

Depech Mode Performance

In 2009, they continued to work on their music, releasing Sounds Of The Universe. In general, they still live and live, like any other successful rock band: records supported by tours in support of these very records.

Depeche Mode became known as a group that had a huge impact on contemporary artists. Among them are Pet Shop Boyce, Linkin Park and Shakira.

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