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Piano Fazioli Pianoforti was designed in the second half of the 70s in Italy, to start the production of a new line of professional pianos and pianos. It all started in 1978 when pianist and engineer Paolo Fazzioli created a team of wood masters, physicists in acoustics, as well as pianists and piano manufacturers. Their goal was to analytically evaluate the general state of piano production and determine the direction for the construction of a conceptually new, different musical instrument. The priority principles of the newly created company were to release their high-quality pianos for concerts, to focus on the quality and limited number of musical instruments, to be original in the modern piano market.

The first prototype, worthy of the F183 (has a length of 183 cm) was designed in 1980, in June. Soon the following samples began to appear - F156, F228 and F278. January 1981 was marked by the full, official opening of Fazioli Pianoforti srl. Almost immediately, the press and music professionals had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with prototypes at the Milan Press Club.

In February of the same year, at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, the newly minted company Fazioli Pianoforti introduced its first line of keyboard musical instruments. Unusual was the presence of an Italian manufacturer of high-quality tools with an Italian brand. Prior to this, almost all Italian piano manufacturers had German names. Therefore, the appearance of Fazioli caused considerable excitement among both professionals and amateurs.

The high demand for a musical instrument that can produce incredibly high-quality sound in the premises of huge concert halls inspired the factory's qualified engineers to design the new F308 model in 1986 (it is the longest piano available on the market). For the first time, a decent F308 model was introduced by the famous pianist Francois Joel Thioliere at the Titro Comunale di Monfolkon, in April 1987. Soon, in the same year, the great Berman played the F308 - Liszt Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra, in the Carnegie Hall. After this speech, Harold Schonberg, a well-known critic at that time, published a very favorable review analysis of the piano in the New York Times.

Since 1981, Fazioli pianos have been demonstrated at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, at the NAMM Show Anaheim (California). So keyboard musical instruments manufactured by Fazioli, thanks to a considerable number of dealers, became available worldwide.

The company acquired 14, 000 square meters. land in front of the old factory, where the new sphere of production was to be located. It was also decided to build a small concert hall with 200 seats in order to carefully check the instruments in more suitable conditions for them.

In September 2001, production was transferred to a previously constructed building. By the end of the year, 90 pieces of tools were released. The following year, there has been an increase in the number of Fazioli fan pianists and the number of concerts where these pianos have been played. Nikolai Demidenko, Stephen Ho, Angela Hewitt, Pierce Lane performed music in London and Europe on the piano of Fazioli.

A few years later, in 2004, the new part of the office was completed, as well as the planned concert hall. The number of musical instruments produced in production has already stepped over 100 units. Interestingly, for her most important concerts, Herbie Hancock began using exclusively the Fazioli instrument.

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