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Grotrian-Steinweg, known in the USA simply as Grotrian, is a German manufacturer of high-quality pianos and pianos. The company was founded in Braunschweig (Germany). The history of Grotrian-Steinweg begins in 1835, when the first Steinweg piano factory was founded by Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later known as Henry Steinway, after his emigration to the United States, where he founded Steinway & Sons).

In 1856, Friedrich Grotrian became a full-fledged partner, and in 1865 his son Wilhelm Grotrian and two of his associates bought the factory and the right to sell the piano as successors to Steinweg. Subsequent generations of Grotrian were at the head of the company and aimed to become one of the best piano manufacturers in Germany. The Grotrian-Steinweg piano was chosen by some famous pianists, they received awards at the Colombian exhibition in Chicago.

Grotrian-Steinweg musical instruments sound great in the orchestra and concert halls, they are delivered to one and a half dozen major cities in Germany, and also were distributed in London in 1920. At its highest peak, in the late 1920s, 1, 000 people worked at Grotrian-Steinweg, and they made 3, 000 pianos a year.

The economic crisis of the 1930s and the frequent wars in the 1940s forced Grotrian-Steinweg to significantly reduce its production and then close the factory completely. In 1950, a company was founded at the annual competition to identify promising young students playing the piano.

Grotrian-Steinweg sought to expand into the United States in the mid-1960s with the intention of benefiting from the similarity of the trademarks “Steinweg” and Steinway & Sons. As a result, Steinway & Sons filed a lawsuit to prevent such speculation, and therefore in 1975 a decision by the United States court declared that the Grotrian-Steinweg brand should be confused with Steinway & Sons. The court ordered Grotrian-Steinweg to stop selling the piano in the United States under the name “Steinweg”. After that, the special Grotrian company was created, through which Grotrian-Steinweg sells the piano in North America.

In 1974, Grotrian-Steinweg built a new plant in Braunschweig, in the immediate vicinity of the Bundesautobahn, the main East-West thoroughfares. After Helmut and Erwin, the production of Grotrian-Steinweg was led by their son. Currently, the plant has the same location as before - on the Grotrian-Steinweg street in Braunschweig. In 1999, Knut Grotrian-Steinweg stepped down from active management of the company and transferred his authority to Burkhard Stein (industrial manager and piano maker).

As of 2012, the company Grotrian-Steinweg belongs to the daughter of Erwin Grotrian in the sixth generation - Jobst Grotrian (born 1969). The company produces about 500 pianos and 100 grand pianos annually. About 20 concerts of giants were made a year, each of them takes about 8 months to produce. In 2010, the company released a special 46.5-inch (118 cm) musical instrument for its 175th anniversary.

The modern company Grotrian-Steinweg for the production of pianos and pianos was recognized by Larry Fine in 2011 as the epitome of “top quality” and equated with the famous manufacturers Bösendorfers, Faziolis, Steinway (New York).

And not without reason: in production, every operation relating to the manufacture of a tool passes a double check! And the final, final inspection is carried out personally by the factory manager - not a single tool without such control leaves the factory walls.

Grotrian-Steinweg is a classic piano and piano of the highest level, with excellent sound quality and reliability. In the manufacture of these tools, various achievements of modern science and technology are applied, which, combined with more than a century of experience of German masters, brings the expected amazing results.

Here are some interesting facts about the production of the Grotrian-Steinweg piano:

  • the cast-iron frames of the piano and grand pianos of this factory are capable of absorbing the string tension force of up to 22 tons;

  • for gluing different layers of the tool body, a unique press is used, operating under high pressure at a temperature of 90 ° C;

  • special water-repellent glue is used, which guarantees reliable fastening in any climatic zones around the world;

  • tool mechanics includes 5000 harmoniously interacting parts;

  • The keys are made of special polymers imitating natural materials.

Thanks to this practice, Grotrian-Steinweg was the first piano manufacturer in the world to pass the DIN ISO 9001 quality certification.

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