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Kawai is a Japanese piano company. It was founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, a piano master in Japan. From a small company, it has turned into a huge corporation, whose goal is to produce the best keyboard instrument in the world. The brand has been on the market for about 80 years and maximally concentrates its forces to achieve its goal. This company is a high-quality specialist in the production of professional keyboards such as digital pianos, acoustic pianos, acoustic grand pianos and stage pianos.

A corporation needs years to create one tool. Years for drying wood, dozens of years for development, hundreds of hours to assemble, and at the end - hard and uncompromising quality control. But this is not the end, the final test is the musician’s fingers, the touch of which will decide the fate of the instrument.

The instruments of the Kawai brand are recognized worldwide and are used in almost all large concert venues.

Let's see what a classic Kawai digital piano is. Yes, this tool cannot be called inconspicuous. Elegant, refined, with excellent polishing and sparkling brass details, this piano will rightfully become an adornment of any interior. So you look and you don’t understand that in front of you is not a classic acoustic piano, but a digital one. Very impressive.

Such a classic tool is intended for conservatives who, even if they want to keep up with the times, do not want to change anything externally, and especially to deal with a dozen extra buttons. Knowing so much about this brand, one should not be surprised that the sound of this digital piano is as beautiful and impeccable as its appearance. Inside the piano case is a real wooden keyboard mechanism and a unique speaker system. Harmonic Imaging's proprietary sampling technology makes the sound as good as possible.

What new technology did Kawai use to create such a great tool ">

The second is the newest of its kind speaker system with spruce deck. The development of this system lasted for four years, and the result was a reliably reproduced deep sound of an acoustic instrument.

The third is a digital piano, respectively, under the keyboard, you can see a sliding control panel if necessary. This panel is so reliably hidden that it is almost impossible to find it without knowing where it should be located. But just one easy press, and the LCD display along with the function buttons are at your disposal. With their help, you can control all the functions of the piano and change the settings.

What features does this digital piano have? "> To make sure the Kawai digital piano sounds really good, I recommend watching the video!

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