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Kawai MP7 Stage Synthesizer

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MP7 - a piano with full-weighted keys, perfectly replacing the piano. Unlike a concert instrument, it has small dimensions. The MP7 can play timbres of woodwinds, percussion and strings. Also includes 28 different acoustic tones, such as electric pianos, organs and wind organ. This, of course, deserves closer attention.

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    • Review of 88 note Kawai MP7: stage electric piano
      • Specifications
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  • Kawai MP7 Piano Features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Conclusion

Review of 88 note Kawai MP7: stage electric piano

All sounds can be adjusted using the adjustment levers located next to the built-in LCD. Sounds can be superimposed and recorded. For convenience, there is a USB port, thanks to which you can download and download the desired music. This tool has 3 sensors per key, which guarantees accurate performance.

Many keys skip notes, especially during fast play or double-tap. These three sensors just fix this problem. The MP7 is a highly customizable instrument; its micro-editing features allow you to simulate other types of pianos.

Also, the 256-note polyphony chip is also a memory chip, which allows notes to play without interruption. The piano also includes a piano pedal that has the function of a half pedal. It can be configured in different ways. The pedal can hold the sound like a real piano, or for a long time to maintain a steady sound that cannot be obtained when playing the piano.


  • Dimensions: 135.2 x 33.9 x 17.1 cm
  • Weight: 20.8 kg
  • Notes: 88, 3 sensors per key
  • Polyphony: 256 notes
  • Pitch Changes, Mod Wheel


  • 28 different acoustic settings
  • electronic piano, organs, wind organs and so on
  • 4 internal / external zones


  • Effects: 129 (customizable)
  • Functions: dividing the keyboard into 4 zones
  • Amplifiers: no
  • Headphones: no
  • Switching: USB, MP3, 2 Wave Audio, 3 outputs
  • Display: LCD display
  • Damper pedal

Kawai MP7 Piano Features

This digital piano is a good imitation of an acoustic piano, has 88 weighted keys, as well as low weight. It can reproduce superior acoustic and electronic sounds. Of course, there are tools of better quality, but nothing compares to this model in price. MP7 also has 28 different acoustic settings.

The piano includes customizable tones of electric pianos, organs, wind organs, and so on. There is also a reset to the manufacturer's settings. There is the possibility of multi-layer overlay. You can play at the same time as the drum preset, or combine instruments for playing simultaneously.

Around the LCD on the MP7 are the function levers. Three sensors are also another interesting solution for this tool. The 256-note polyphony processor also performs the function of a memory chip, which allows 256 notes to play simultaneously. The piano pedal functions as a half-press.

The half pedal creates a steady sound that mimics the functions of an acoustic piano pedal. The MP7 can use a USB controller to load or save ringtones. The keyboard can be divided into 4 zones, for playing in real time.

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. In this instrument, in addition to piano tones, there is not too much choice of melodies. Woodwind, percussion and string instruments sound pretty good, but the most impressive sound on this instrument is acoustic.
  2. Even a beginner can easily edit sounds to create compositions, although the keyboard has a large number of buttons, which is traditional for an electronic piano. But all functions are intuitive. The only significant drawback is the lack of speakers.
  3. Most people prefer pre-made customized products, but this is a very good tool. Many may disagree with the thesis that “the main function of the keyboard is not to play music or sound”, but there are real objective statements to this.
  4. The main function of the instrument is the organization of sound, while the speakers have a single playback function. Built into the instrument, they are usually not of very good quality, so it is better to use external amplifiers. In addition, they create vibrations that can cause damage to many electronic devices.
  5. Often, notes are lost if you double-tap on one key. Usually the reason is that the previous action is not finished. 3 sensors guarantee the sound of each note without loss, regardless of the speed of your game and repetitions.
  6. The MP7 is a very responsive and highly customizable instrument. Micro editing functions allow you to simulate other types of pianos. The sound can be realistic and stable, but it will be a modern steady sound, achieved through electronics.
  7. Some of these functions are not for beginners, but they are very important for long-term use of the tool. If you want to record, play or save something, there is a USB port for this, which can also be used to download multi-instrumental sounds for playing or learning.


Buying this tool is a good purchase for long-term use. It is ideal for beginner musicians who are ready to learn and improve in mastery. They quickly penetrate the keyboard device and can use other features.

Also, this tool is suitable for musicians of medium and higher levels who do not have great financial opportunities to purchase a more expensive instrument. This keyboard has all the necessary functions for work and study.

The MP7 is a good piano with lots of features at a reasonable price.

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