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The piano brand Kohler & Campbell dates back to 1896. The founders of the Kohler & Campbell brand were John Alvin Campbell, a well-known piano master and Charles Kochler, who organized the production of musical instruments. The Kohler & Campbell piano is always traditional technology, sophisticated classic design and impeccable finishes.

The quality of the Kohler & Campbell piano has passed the test of time, it is recognized worldwide and has a reputation as one of the best known piano brands. The purity of sound and beautiful timbre coloring are caused, first of all, by the harmonious interaction of a large number of parts that are assembled by experienced craftsmen.

It should be noted that 70% of the piano is wood. That is why raw materials are given special attention. To create a Kohler & Campbell piano, only the best wood is allocated and used: red beech, alder, yew, hornbeam, linden, maple, spruce, walnut. Absolutely all wood is subject to strict control during storage and drying.

The case is made of natural wood and closes the resonant deck tightly, while allowing it to vibrate freely. Precisely assembly accuracy is the main basis for the quality of a musical instrument, since the interaction of components directly depends on it.

A balanced and rich sound is possible thanks to special research in the field of acoustics, knowledge, experience and the availability of the necessary computer software. In the process of creating the piano, Kohler & Campbell uses the best steel strings, which are made under strict and sensitive control. The most accurate dampers in the middle and lower registers enable the strings to resonate correctly.

You should go a little deeper into the history of the creation of this enterprise. As already mentioned, John Calvin Campbell and Karl Kohler teamed up in New York City in 1896 to create Kohler & Campbell Industries. Campbell at that time was a machine master, he was engaged in the creation of tools from wood and iron, and then set to work on the piano. He collaborated with Kohler for 18 years, until his sudden death in 1908.

Together they built one of the largest keyboard musical instrument companies in America. As evidence of quality and increased customer confidence, it can be noted that among the company's customers there were many famous, well-known musicians. And to this day, tradition continues, and the Kohler & Campbell piano is sold in many of America's finest establishments.

An important detail: the talented designer Klaus Fenner created a unique, flawless design for every musical instrument produced by Kohler & Campbell. Due to the rather large deck area and longer keys, in comparison with competitive musical instruments, the piano of this company is functionally richer and has a high sound quality. Under the strict guidance of the skilled masters of Kohler & Campbell, the sound of each note, sound quality is evaluated and everything is done to ensure that it is as high as possible. The musical instruments of the Kohler & Campbell company are balanced, they are slightly softer compared to the pianos of Asian brands and stronger, tougher than the well-known European ones.

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