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Korg SP-250 Digital Piano Review

brands : Korg SP-250 Digital Piano Review

Korg was founded in Japan in 1963 by Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai, whose work resulted in quality products. This year the company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Korg has always been famous for great products, but the time has passed when they were the monopolists of the best tools on the market.

Korg SP-250 is undoubtedly a very high quality tool. This is visible at a glance. Although it looks like a regular synthesizer. Nevertheless, having tested it in practice, you will be convinced that this machine is capable of a lot.

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Features Korg SP-250

The SP-250 did not go far from its counterparts - the Korg SP-170 and Korg-170S. This is a simple but elegant tool. Most of the front panel is finished in black, but two speakers are now located at the top of the instrument.

Interestingly, only the speakers are the custom part of the piano.

Just below the speakers there is another difference from the Korg-170 series: the control panel has more levers and buttons. On both sides of the control panel, the wood finish gives the instrument some chic. Below are 88 keys, beautifully made and so reminiscent of the keys of an acoustic piano.

The SP-250 comes with a stand that is easy to assemble and goes well with the overall piano design. The sustain pedal, which comes as a complete set, is hung on it.


Korg SP-250 has the sound of a real acoustic piano. The instrument is equipped with the latest RH3 hammer mechanism, which is present in all high-quality pianos. Simply put, the feel of the RH3 is amazing. As soon as you start playing this instrument, you forget that you play the electronic piano. The model has different weight keys in each register.

Even more features

If you are familiar with the 170 series, you should be pleasantly surprised by the number of tones in the 250 model. This includes 30 sounds - 20 more than the Korg SP-170 and 25 more than the Casio CDP-120. In addition, there is a dual overlay function that allows you to play two tones at the same time.

Each of the 30 sounds is output from the control panel, which also has undergone a number of changes. The volume knobs were replaced with a slider, while the effects of reverb, chorus, and sensitivity functions also received separate controls: Light (soft touch), Normal (standard) and Heavy (loud notes are obtained only with a stronger touch). There is also a transpose function, which allows the player to change notes without changing the placement of hands.

On the control panel there is a new “Bank” button, which accesses any of the 30 sounds using sound buttons. There are 6 sounds of a concert piano and piano, and 6 timbres of electric pianos, 3 jazz timbres and church organs, 2 clavichords, 2 stringed instruments, 3 chorus and even an acoustic guitar.

The Korg SP-250 rear panel has a built-in port for the damper pedal, two MIDI input / output connectors and two separate audio connectors.

The output connectors were a long-awaited innovation, as in previous models it was necessary to choose what to connect: headphones or recording equipment. On the front panel of the instrument you will find two headphone outputs, which allows you to work in a teacher-student pair or play a duet.


The SP-250 is a great tool choice with new features. The tool is not much different from its predecessors, but it has become a little more expensive. The retail price of the instrument is about 70, 000 rubles. In truth, the final choice is yours, you can try to find it cheaper. This wonderful car is well worth the investment and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Those who wish can view and download the Instrument User Guide .

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