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A detailed review of the NORD Stage 2 HA76 Digital Piano

brands : A detailed review of the NORD Stage 2 HA76 Digital Piano

Ready to say right away: Nord Stage 2 HA76 is an amazing piano. But before I give you weighty arguments, and then give a comparison with the Yamaha Motif XF7 or the Korg Kronos, let's compare the HA76 with some of the best pianos in its class.

The manufacturer of this digital piano is Clavia, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hans Nordulius and Michael Karlsson founded the company in 1983 in the basement of Hans’s home (didn’t all the well-known companies start in a similar way ">

The content of the article

    • Sound quality
  • Features Nord Stage 2 HA76
      • Piano section
      • Organ section
      • Synthesizer Section
      • HA76 programming
      • Free samples
      • How cool is all this?
    • Nord 2 HA76 vs Yamaha Motif XF7
    • Nord HA76 vs Korg Kronos
    • Is the NA76 worth the money?

Sound quality

It can be described in one word - “amazing”. Or, if you want, in three words: "an amazing stage instrument."

HA76 has a much higher price than the models previously reviewed by us. But, my God, what a wonderful thing this is, what an amazing sound! Hearing this baby, you will not be able to return to your old instrument. And if you do not trust my words, listen to the demo track, and trust your ears.

Features Nord Stage 2 HA76

Nord considers Stage 2 the flagship line tool. In a nutshell, here are some of the key features:

  • Fully Weighted Hammer Keyboard
  • Three sectional sound generation
  • Built-in effects
  • Connect to a computer via MIDI or USB
  • It can be used as an external controller

Now let's talk about the piano itself.

Piano section

With the HA76, you get a good selection of acoustic pianos (including the Bosendorfer Imperial), electronic pianos, Wurlitzer A200 Electric, clavicle, harpsichord and electric grand pianos such as the Yamaha CP-80.

Nord's unique feature is the String Resonance function, which reproduces the sound of piano strings resonating at harmonic frequencies while playing other strings.

There is also the Long Release option, which provides for a long loss, more convenient when playing legato.

The HA76 comes with a sustain pedal. Optional triple pedal sold separately. With a triple pedal, Nord Stage 2 allows you to bring the sound of an electronic instrument to an acoustic one.

One of the unique aspects of producing the Nord model is that each instrument is individually tuned. Indeed, this piano is worthy of the money invested in it.

Organ section

HA76 has three types of organ emulators: Hammond B3, Vox Continental, and Farfisa Compact.

How does it work "> Synthesizer section

You can talk about the synthesizer section for a very long time. The emulator gives you four different types of synthesizers. Management is the dream of any musician. Here you will find many classic and modern “virtual” analogs of synthesizers, including many filters, and an arpeggiator.

And what kind of beast is this ">

You will also have access to the Nord Sample library and the Nord editor sample for your computer, where you can customize your sounds and then upload them to HA76.

HA76 programming

Programming the HA76 is pretty easy. All programming options are directly on the control panel, and they are very beautifully designed.

There is a fairly large section of effects: tremolo, Wah-Wah, auto-Wah, autopanner and ring modulator, chorus, flanger, equalizer and much more. All effects can be controlled at the touch of a button or by turning the toggle switch. As you can see, everything is quite simple.

Free samples

The HA76 comes with two sound libraries: the Nord Piano Library and the Nord Sample Library. You can edit the sounds from the library on your computer and load them back into the instrument.

How cool is that ">

In addition, with the sample Nord editor, you can create your own samples.

Nord 2 HA76 vs Yamaha Motif XF7

The Yamaha Motif XF7 is a 76-note keyboard that is a leader in this product line. Motif appeared on sale in 2001, and already XF6, XF7 and XF8 are its later versions.

The number of functions in this tool just rolls over. In the description you will find samples of CFIII and piano S6, 1, 353 voices, including drum kits, 2 GB of memory, large LCD screen, sequencer, Cubase DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) computer software and so on.

To list all the functions of the tool, you would have to write an entire article. But if you are looking for all this in HA76, then you will be disappointed by the lack of them.

Nord HA76 vs Korg Kronos

It is also worth paying attention to the Korg Kronos 73-key model (there are 61-key as well as 88-key versions).

The Korg Kronos series was released in 2011. This keyboard is equipped with the latest actual graded hammer system, 8-inch touch screen, 9 different sound systems, built-in sequencer, etc.

Like the Nord HA76, the Korg Kronos is designed for live play and sound; unlike the HA76, this model includes a sequencer, so you can record your own tracks.

Is the NA76 worth the money?

As you already understood, Nord NA76 is not intended for entry-level.

Is this digital piano worth the money?> User Guide for Nord Stage 2.

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