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The company “Petrof” could be recommended as a world-famous brand in the market of musical instruments and finish there, however, “Petrof” is not just a manufacturer of instruments of universally recognized quality. This is a whole era that has absorbed 140 years of history.

Since the production of the first piano by the founder Antonin Petrov in the converted father’s carpentry workshop in 1865, through the troubled times of the 20th century (nationalized in 1948, the factory was returned to the heirs only 50 years later) to the present day. But at all times “Petrof” produced only high-quality pianos and pianos, recognizable all over the world for its soft sound, responsiveness of the instrument, high sound characteristics and, of course, the highest build quality, which allows a fragile instrument to retain its original properties for many years.

The highest quality of Petrof instruments, which any professional musician will attest to you, is the result of the responsibility with which the factory approaches the production of each instrument. The share of manual labor in the production of the Petrof piano has been and remains high. It is used where one cannot do without it, without loss in sound quality.

At the same time, technological innovations are not deprived of attention - in 2003, it was Petrof that patented mechanics with magnetic acceleration. And since 2004, the mechanical parts for pianos and pianos “Petrof” are assembled here at the factory, which is another distinguishing feature of the brand.

Not the largest factory for the production of pianos and pianos, Petrof instruments are available in three types, the choice of which can satisfy the taste of any musician: from a beginner level to a more advanced and professional one:

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Middle class

The “118 G1” and “118 D1” pianos belong to the middle class - these are models of a wide range of uses that can decorate the interior of any house or apartment, without taking up a lot of space due to their compact dimensions. The most inexpensive models of the brand, however, will firmly satisfy student needs, ideal for home music lessons and training.

High class

High-end pianos include the “125 F1”, “125 M1” and “125 G1” models. These are already more serious instruments that will suit professional musicians and, no doubt, will appeal to various musical groups. A strong sound allows you to put such an instrument not only at home, but also in a medium-sized entertainment institution.

Top class

There is no doubt the pride of the Petrof brand, which provides the brand with worldwide popularity. The 131 M1, 131 E1 and 135 K1 are some of the best pianos in the world. Thanks to their sophisticated design, they can become the pearl of any interior, and their musical characteristics allow them to be used to perform musical works accompanied by an orchestra. Pianos of this class enjoy the well-deserved love of famous professional musicians.

In general, no matter what model of the piano of the brand Petrof you choose, you are unlikely to regret subsequently the money spent. Buying an instrument of this quality has been and will be a profitable investment in a musical career or musical education for yourself or your children. Petrof brand pianos often become true friends for their owners, to whom they relate with the same sincerity as a living person. The thing is in the responsiveness of the instrument, in the warm response with which it responds to pressing each key of the smooth keyboard.


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