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Want to buy a stage digital piano - listen to Roland RD-300NX

brands : Want to buy a stage digital piano - listen to Roland RD-300NX

The RD-300NX is a lightweight piano with a fully-weighted keyboard and textured Ivory Feel-G keys.

The sound effect is achieved using SuperNATURAL technology, which provides realistic sound.

Hundreds of predefined tones and melodies are built into this model - all that is needed for self-expression.

Hundreds of predefined tones and melodies are built into this model.

The content of the article

  • Specifications
  • Features - sound focus
    • Keys
    • Timbres
    • Bonuses
  • Advantages and disadvantages
    • What are the pros
      • Portability
      • Keyboard
      • Rugged case
      • Versatility
    • There is a significant minus
      • Tone Change
  • Conclusion


  • dimensions: 142.24 x 33, 2x 76.2 cm
  • weight: 17 kg
  • keys: 88
  • weighted keys: yes
  • Key Quality: Ivory Feel-G keyboard
  • sound: SuperNATURAL piano sound
  • Polyphony: 128 notes
  • multi-temporality: 3 sets of Layers Live Set + 16 parts
  • number of preset tones: 939
  • number of preset melodies: 200 Songs

Digital effects:

  • reverb (6 types)
  • chorus (3 types)
  • 3-way compressor
  • 3-band equalizer
  • Sound focus


  • equalizer knobs
  • pitch lever
  • 3 sliders LAYER LEVEL

Supported file formats:

  • standard MIDI files
  • audio: WAV (44.1 kHz)


  • Rack
  • Piano pedal
  • damper pedal
  • foot switch
  • expression pedal
  • USB CD Drive
  • USB flash memory
  • LCD graphic display with a resolution of 128 * 64 pixels with backlight


  • power connector
  • line output (mono)
  • MIDI input
  • MIDI output
  • pedal connector
  • damper pedal connector
  • headphone jack

Features - sound focus

The Sound Focus function allows you to hear even the highest notes. Together with SuperNATURAL technology, rich rich sound without tone compression is provided. This gives the instrument an amazing sound during performances without loss of dynamics and sound quality.


The feeling of naturalness of the keys is achieved thanks to Ivory Feel-G technology, which imitates the texture of ivory and the stepping mechanism. You will feel under your fingers the keys of a real acoustic piano, only lighter.

Progressive Hammer technology is also used with the end of Escapement using the same textures as on an acoustic piano.

The feeling of natural keys is achieved thanks to Ivory Feel-G technology


Unlike many other electronic pianos, the Roland ND-300NX already has hundreds of sounds pre-installed, the variety of which allows musicians to use it for various purposes, from recording to live performance.


The RD-300NX has One Touch Piano, which offers direct access to one-touch acoustic and electric pianos.

Piano Designer is another feature that allows the user to create their own piano using the LCD. A three-pedal unit is also included.

Advantages and disadvantages

The 300NX is a portable and compact instrument ideal for musicians who frequently move around.

An impressive touch response, thanks to the Progressive Hammer Action, helps players hone their playing technique before they get to know the acoustic piano.

The RD-300NX has a sturdy steel case that can withstand any travel.

A large number of piano timbres and pieces are available. A significant drawback is the problem of switching plays during live performances.

What are the pros


The RD300-NX is a lightweight, compact instrument ideal for musicians working in different venues.


RD300-NX uses Progressive Hammer Action technology with Escapement, which makes it possible to prepare beginners to play the acoustic piano or musicians who are used to playing classical instruments.

Rugged case

The RD300-NX has a sturdy and durable steel casing. Many other light pianos are most often made of plastic and are more prone to damage.


This model combines the true sound of the piano and a huge number of timbres and pieces for any performance.

There is a significant minus

Tone Change

A great difficulty is switching the tones, in addition, the volume settings fly off at the same time, it increases if you do not adjust the mixers in advance. This can be disastrous during live performance.


The Roland RD-300NX is a simple and functional piano with easily tuned sound. Due to its low weight it is easy to take with you on trips.

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