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"Steinway & Sons" ("Steinway and Sons")

brands : "Steinway & Sons" ("Steinway and Sons")

The piano company Steinway & Sons (Steinway and Sons) has been around for almost 160 years. During this time, she became famous for the high quality of her tools and their design.

In 1853, a German immigrant cabinetmaker Henry Steinweg founded one of the first US piano companies in New York City. Henry Steinway made his first instruments back in Germany.

In Germany, he had his own piano company called H. Steinweg, which managed to release 482 instruments, but due to the unfavorable political situation, G. Steinway and his family decided to leave their homeland and move to the United States.

Henry Steinway was a happy father because he had five sons, who always supported his father in his work, and after his death promoted the promotion of Steinway & Sons.

The Steinway and Sons piano firm was lucky because they launched the release of pianos and grand pianos into the most piano boom in the USA, which was associated with the abolition of slavery and the end of the civil war. Instrument prices for the 1850-1860s increased significantly (from 300 to 2, 000 dollars).

In addition, one of the sons of Henry Steinway - William, invented the original PR move for that time. The company toured famous pianists around the world for free, in return the pianists were only supposed to play instruments made by Steinway & Sons. This contributed to the even greater popularity of the pianos and pianos of this company around the world.

I must say that in subsequent years, the company "Steinway & Sons" also distinguished itself by its PR companies and actions against competitors. Two more facts can be cited proving this statement.

First fact: in 1903, the company celebrated its anniversary and on this occasion presented the American president Theodore Roosevelt with a gilded anniversary piano on behalf of the American people.

The second fact: during the Second World War, Steinway & Sons rumored that the owner of the piano factory C. Bechstein was actively financially assisting the Nazi party in Germany. As a result, the competitors' piano factories were bombarded!

In 1972, the Steinway family lost control of the company. The firm was sold to the multimedia giant Columbia Broadcasting System. In subsequent years, Steinway & Sons was resold several more times. Currently, Steinway Musical Instruments Inc., produces pianos and pianos of the Steinway & Sons brands (USA, New York and Germany, Hamburg), as well as Boston (Kawai, Japan) and Essex (Factory "Pearl River Piano Co. Ltd.", China).

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