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Piano cleaning
Piano cleaning

The need to clean the piano from debris and dust is obvious, since dust is the main causative agent of allergies, and a long uncleaned instrument is likely to become a kind of shelter for various living things. Quite often, looking at the piano or the piano, the owners of the instruments can find large layers of dust, moth and its pupae, moth-eaten gaskets, mouse nests with their owners, or even typical domestic rodents that escaped from neighbors

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Piano chair

After buying the piano, you need to make sure that it is convenient for us to spend time sitting at this instrument. So that the posture does not deteriorate, especially if a child is sitting at the instrument. To achieve this goal, we just need to choose the right banquet for the piano. Now there are at least 10 types of pianist chairs on sale

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Choosing a Piano Place

In order to choose the most suitable place for installing the piano, you need to consult with specialists in this field or with the tuner. It should be noted that the acoustics are affected, for example, by what material the floor and walls of the room are made of, as well as what specific fabrics (draperies) and carpets are used in the interior of your apartment or private house

Read More»White Digital Piano - Aesthetes' Choice
White Digital Piano - Aesthetes' Choice

The white digital piano is not just a choice of musicians, but aesthetes who value in the instrument, in addition to brilliant sound qualities, also excellent external aesthetic characteristics. As a rule, the instrument of the “White” shade is an element of the decor of minimalism in itself. And its body does not need additional decoration. St

Read More»Leo Theremin - creator of the most amazing musical instrument
Leo Theremin - creator of the most amazing musical instrument

Did you know that wonderful and exquisite musical art is closely connected with exact and dry physics "> Not all professional musicians are aware of this amazing and unusual instrument. However, it was invented almost 100 years ago by a man who has two passions - to physics and music. Few could have suggested that the synthesis of these seemingly different types of activities could give rise to such an innovation in the field of art and science

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How much is a new piano

Recently, more and more people are interested in the question: “How much does the piano cost today”> It's no secret that a concert grand piano (we are talking about full-sized musical instruments that are installed in large halls) will come out at a price significantly more expensive than a new apartment. Fo

Read More»The history of the piano in the context of world progress
The history of the piano in the context of world progress

Have you ever thought about the path that individual, everyday objects that surround us in everyday life have to go through?> If you haven’t thought about it or if you are just bored with the story, I will immediately warn you from reading: yes, there will be dates and there will be many facts that I will try to make, as far as my modest powers are, not as dry as their teachers stated at school.

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CLAVESIN [French clavecin, from late late. clavicymbalum, from lat. clavis - key (hence the key) and cymbalum - cymbals] - plucked keyboard musical instrument. Known since the 16th century. (began to be constructed as early as the 14th century), the first information about the harpsichord dates back to 1511; the oldest surviving instrument of Italian work dates back to 1521

Read More»Modern workstation and work with it (part V): how to use samples
Modern workstation and work with it (part V): how to use samples

Whether you use the samples when working in your workstation is up to you and only you. How to do it "> Then you will figure out the union of the winamp and the tracker yourself. A similar tandem is useful to you if you want to combine live recordings with sampled music. Of course, this can be done in Fruti Lupse, but after the fact, not everyone will figure it out with Nuendo, and the controls there are not so hot, but an ordinary tracker with comfortable controls is much prettier

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Synthesizer for the Beginner

Groups often include keyboards. It may be a piano, but it is not in all the clubs where you have to play, or it turns out to be upset, and it is very difficult to carry such a bulky instrument with you, you will have to get a tuner and at least two loaders. In general - a hassle. Therefore, in most groups, the keyboard instrument is a synthesizer

Read More»Modern workstation and work with it (part I): let's start with the main
Modern workstation and work with it (part I): let's start with the main

If you feel like posing as Two Steps From Hell or X-Ray Dog in the singular, if you have at least basic piano skills (or don't even have them) and you have a midi keyboard, you will want to get one sooner or later at least virtual, but - a workstation. A modern workstation resembles the very same old children's designer - many interconnected parts that make something that can be made like music

Read More»Piano for scrap: utilize the instrument
Piano for scrap: utilize the instrument

Sooner or later, a person with a piano, there is a need for its disposal. Such a situation is most often due to wear of the technical parameters of a musical instrument. The most common problems: poor fixation of the ring mechanism and the appearance of a significant crack in the cast-iron frame. Of course, in this case the piano cannot be sold, and therefore the question “What to do” arises> This work can only be done by men who have the skill to work with equipment. Fo

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Piano structure

The layout of the strings in the piano You’re an inquisitive person "> I hope it will not be a revelation for anyone that a piano is a string-keyboard instrument? Yes, the piano and the guitar have much more in common than might seem at first glance, although the logic of the game is fundamentally different.

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How to disassemble a piano for repair or cleaning

It’s best for a specialist to disassemble the piano. To clean, repair and adjust the instrument, knowledge of how to properly disassemble the piano is necessary. It is advisable that the piano be disassembled by someone who can then guarantee its assembly and operation, that is, the tuner. However, the situations are different.

Read More»Modern workstation and work with it (part IV): the use of samples in heavy music
Modern workstation and work with it (part IV): the use of samples in heavy music

In general, the theme of electronic music is rather mysterious in its essence. It’s good that it can be attributed to the topic of synthesizers, which, for the most part, still have the same black and white keyboard, sometimes with heavier keys. Why "in the majority" "> The content of the article Atmospheric sampling Quote Sample Magnifiers.

Read More»Proper piano care is the secret to the longevity of your instrument
Proper piano care is the secret to the longevity of your instrument

The piano needs to be provided with proper care Any thing, as you know, has its own term and sooner or later even stone castles turn into ruins from old age. But, one way or another, this does not mean that nothing can be done with the fact that the piano will become worthless. And if you consider that the piano is a musical instrument, the sound of which is stretched strings, then do not forget that it has the property to be upset

Read More»Differences between piano and piano
Differences between piano and piano

What is the difference between a piano and a piano "> Apart from its shape, few people can understand what the difference is between a piano and a piano, but few people wonder why they have a different shape. A piano is an instrument with vertical string construction, this construction provides compactness (relative, of course) of the instrument

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VORGINEL (English virginal, French. Virginale) - a string keyboard instrument. The name may be related to the popularity of the instrument among women - music lovers (lat. Virgo - woman), possibly comes from the Latin word virgnla - wand. There is evidence that this term, similar to “clavier” in Germany and “champagne” in Italy, has become collective for all keyboard string instruments - not only rectangular, but also wing-shaped, like a harpsichord. It is

Read More»Clavichord - predecessor of the piano
Clavichord - predecessor of the piano

KLAVIKORD (late Lat. Clavichordium, from Latin clavis - key and Greek. Χορδή - string) - a small keyboard string percussion musical instrument - is one of the predecessors of the piano. Clavichord is like a piano Outwardly, the clavichord is like a piano. Its components are also a case with a keyboard and four stands. How

Read More»Electronic Piano: Pros and Cons
Electronic Piano: Pros and Cons

The modern electronic piano is as close as possible to the original sound It is quite difficult for many people to find a place in an apartment for such a voluminous instrument, and often this prevents them from making music. But, blessing, we live in the 21st century, and with it come innovations that make this kind of problems obsolete