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The noble sound of the Czech piano Weinbach

brands : The noble sound of the Czech piano Weinbach
Petrof is one of the five best world manufacturers of pianos and pianos

Petrof is one of the very first companies in the world to produce modern-style pianos back in 1864. This Czech factory has gone through more than one recession and a half century of its existence, experienced nationalization and privatization, but now it is one of the five best world manufacturers of pianos and pianos along with recognized German companies.

The Weinbach piano came out of the hands of Petrof masters almost from the very beginning of its founding.

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  • In the video below: Jan Petrof plays the piano of his own brand.
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How did Petrof start?

Production Founder Antonin Petrof

Antonin Petrof, founder of the future grandiose factory of magnificent instruments, began his career in the middle of the 19th century as an apprentice in Vienna piano companies. In those days, the piano business was on the crest of a wave, and a talented student of Viennese masters, having learned the basics of craft, returned to his native Hradec-Karlovo to start his own business.

Antonin's father earned his living as a carpentry. His son persuaded him to convert his workshop into a piano shop. And this decision was a success for many generations of the Petrof family. Square pianos, traditional for that time (1880), were just out of fashion. Antonin managed to understand in time that it is better to produce vertical instruments - precisely such pianos are still being produced all over the world.

Jan, Antonin, Vladimir

An aspiring Czech businessman organized large deliveries of Petrof products to foreign markets. But the main component of Antonin Petrof's success was not his business acumen, but the excellent quality of all the musical instruments of his factory. He began to be considered a model. And not surprisingly, in 1899, Petrof became the official supplier of pianos and pianos for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Eduard, Eugene and Dmitry

Alas, then everything was not so smooth. Production and government technologies were changing, radio and television appeared, depriving most pianists of their work, wars were waging. All this has undermined the piano business worldwide. Of the hundreds of companies in Europe and America, only a few dozen survived. Including the company Petrof.

But after the Second World War, when the piano company was headed by Eduard, Eugene and Dmitry Petrofy - representatives of the third generation of the famous family - in the Czech Republic the Communists came to power and nationalized all the enterprises. Former owners were removed not only from the leadership, but also deprived of all rights to their business, declaring exploiters and enemies of the people.

Assembling the Petrof Piano, circa 1930

Jan Petrof (representative of the fourth generation), who was then 11 years old, could only watch what was happening at their family-owned enterprise - fortunately, a house near the factory was left behind them. The boy had to watch how the quality of the tools that went under the Petrof and Weinbach brands worsened every year, since the then management was interested primarily in the quantity of products. Although in this case, it remained at a very decent level. Moreover, the whole family of former owners with great difficulty found an opportunity to earn a living.

In the video below: Jan Petrof plays the piano of his own brand.

It was then that an interesting exchange took place for many today's fans of this brand in Russia between the Soviet Union and the Czech Republic. Petrof products in large quantities were exchanged for gas and oil. The Weinbach piano immediately gained immense popularity in the vastness of the Soviet Union. And she still holds on. Many piano lovers prefer the Weinbach brand, including among used instruments, although it is not cheap. But the Weinbach piano stood out for its noble sound even then. This is a magnificent salon instrument with a wide range of sounds, endearing with its naturalness. If you buy the Weinbach piano for a novice musician, there is no doubt that he will develop excellent taste and love for playing music.

Piano Weinbach

Weinbach today

The modern tools of the Czech Petrof factory have regained their former excellent quality. After all, after the 80s of the last century, the Petrof family was again able to lead its clan business after the political transformations in the Czech Republic. Today, the fifth generation of the famous piano family is working at the head of the factory. The head of the company, Zuzana Petrof, founded a network of subsidiaries Petrof USA, which made it possible to make the prices of these wonderful pianos more competitive without changing the expected quality of the products. And the Weinbach brand, which at one time was created so that Czech pianos could be bought not only by fabulously wealthy people, is still very popular all over the world.

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