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Yamaha P-105 - Model for teacher classes and concerts

brands : Yamaha P-105 - Model for teacher classes and concerts

The Yamaha P-105 is an 88-key electronic piano with hammer mechanics and 128-note polyphony, giving you the feel of playing an acoustic piano.

The model has four sensitivity levels, which creates a more realistic acoustic response. It is also possible to connect via USB port AUX outputs.

Pianist Style will play a full-fledged piano accompaniment, you just have to press the keys.

This is an 88-key electronic piano with hammer mechanics and 128-note polyphony

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      • Intelligent Acoustic Control
      • Universal connectivity
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  • Dimensions (height / depth / width): 163 mm x 295 mm x 1326 mm
  • Weight: 11.7 kg
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Fully Weighted Keys: Graded Hammer Technology
  • Polyphony: 128 notes
  • Touch sensitivity settings: 4 types
  • Tone Generator Technology: Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Number of Preset Voices: 14
  • Number of Preset Pieces: 64


  • Reverberation
  • Damper resonance
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control


  • Dual mod
  • Metronome:
  • Overlay
  • Layer mode
  • Transposing
  • customization
  • 10 rhythms
  • 10 Pianist Style


  • Sustain
  • Connector for connecting an additional pedal unit

Output Power: 7W x 7W

Headphones: 2 x 2 ″ (5 cm), 2 x 4.7 ″ (12 cm)


  • Line in
  • Line out
  • USB
  • sustain pedal
  • Headphone Jack (2)

Warranty: 3 years for service and replacement of parts.

Tool Features


The Yamaha P-105 uses Pure CF sampling technology to give the instrument a realistic piano sound. The instrument transmits sound through built-in stereo speakers, which is ideal for practical exercises.

Intelligent Acoustic Control

More suitable for playing with headphones.

Optimized for the speaker system, the built-in equalizer on the piano automatically adjusts to the volume level for better tonal balance at any level. This prevents sound distortion that may interfere with practice or live performance.

Universal connectivity

The piano has AUX line I / O, which allows the user to connect to an external device without interrupting the sound of the speakers. A USB port connects the instrument to a computer.

Pianist styles

Pianist styles has 10 styles and can be a built-in virtual partner. You can play one of ten game styles with the user. This function is available only on this model.

Game together

One of the many features of the model is the ability to play together, which is suitable for classes with a teacher.

The keyboard is similar to an acoustic piano

Advantages and disadvantages

The P-105 offers realistic sound thanks to the famous Pure CF technology by sampling its own CFIIIS acoustic piano. The tool responds to touch power. It is easy to learn how to play music and play performances.

The keyboard is similar to an acoustic piano, there is no feeling of plastic under the fingers.

The P-105 has features that help beginners, such as a duet, an overlay function, and headphone jacks.

Most buyers like the tool, but some lack additional speakers or accessories.


Realistic sound:

The Yamaha P-105 uses Pure CF sampling technology to provide more realistic sound.

Good action:

The piano is responsive to the touch power of the instrument.


The P-105 is lighter than other electronic pianos, making it an ideal tool for practice and live performance.

Authentic Feel:

The feel of the P-105 is similar to that of an acoustic piano. Its high-quality, fully-weighted and textured keys differ from most plastic keys on other models.

An excellent tool for practical exercises, as it has headphone jacks that support sound quality for quiet use and the number of modes that facilitate learning, as well as group exercises.


Additional features:

The tool also has disadvantages, such as the lack of external speakers, a stabilizer and accessories such as a stand, pedals or a keyboard cover.


Yamaha P-105 is a fully electronic piano, a good option for the needs of any pianist.

Many customers are also pleased with the low cost model.

This instrument is suitable for both beginners and professional musicians.

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